United Aqua Group Marketing FAQ

united aqua group marketing

United Aqua Group Marketing FAQ

We have put together this FAQ about our Data-driven Digital Marketing for members of United Aqua Group.

Should you have any further questions please contact us here.

What is the JPI marketing program for United Aqua Group Members?

It is a data-driven digital marketing program in which JPI provides turnkey marketing services to help UAG members increase their profitability.  The foundation of the program is based on generating increased organic exposure online and higher quality leads which convert into sales.  This eliminates the need for PPC ads.

What is innovative about this program?

There are many things which make this marketing program unique and innovative for the pool and spa industries.

Only available through United Aqua Group
We make this program only available to United Aqua Group members.  Our first client was a United Aqua Group Member over 10 years ago.  The program was designed based on our experiences over these ten years.  We know that our proven marketing can benefit all United Aqua Group members.

Not Your Typical Marketing Agency
We do not do things the way that other agencies do them.  For example, we do not manage ads for clients, we eliminate them!  We do not send you occasional reports, but rather you have access to your dashboard 24-7-365.  We increase your organic exposure online for the most valuable searches for your business.  We have been helping UAG members for more than 10 years.  We take a data-driven approach to your marketing.  We generate measurable results that you can see.  We have eliminated all PPC ads for 100% of our clients.

We Don’t Manage Ads We Eliminate Ads
We have been able to completely eliminate all PPC ads for our first client.  This has saved them over $500k dollars.  But that is not where we stop.  We have done so while increasing the high-quality traffic to their website.  Traffic which has a high-probability of buying a pool.  We have developed our strategy and tactics over the last 10 years and now you can benefit.  Are you running ads?  Does your website generate high-quality leads?  Do the sales from your website have the highest average revenue?

Our marketing program is data-driven.  We are data-driven.  We are going to make you data-driven.  We use data to generate better results.  For example, when we are working on SEO updates, what data should we use for research?  Data from the search engines, of course.  When we are optimizing your marketing channels we use your lead and sales data to help us determine what needs to be done.  We do not do things based on what we think.  We do things based on what the data is telling us.  This has proven, over the last 10 years, to generate incredible results.

Custom Dashboard
We create a custom dashboard for each of our UAG clients.  Your dashboard is available to you 24-7-365.  This eliminates the need for us to create and send you reports occasionally.  Plus, by having the dashboard, you have access to data that is realtime and includes forecasting and sales and lead data that is valuable to you.  We use your data all the time.  Your dashboard is not a generic marketing dashboard.  It is based on the data that is valuable to us in helping pool and spa clients.  United Aqua Group clients.  Want to see a dashboard?  Click here.

How does this help UAG members increase their profitability?

Our data-driven approach benefits our clients in many ways.

  1. We eliminate the need for our clients to use PPC ads.  We have been successful for ALL of our clients.  One of our UAG clients has saved over $500k.  Another UAG client is saving $7k per month.
  2. Our clients end up generating higher-quality leads from people doing searches online.  All of our clients receive the majority of their leads from the search engines.  These leads generate sales which have the highest revenue per sale.  Typically 20% higher than their average sale.
  3. More sales.  Through our optimization of marketing channels our clients end up making more sales.

All of this data can be seen realtime in your dashboard!

Is this program available to pool companies who are not UAG members?

No.  This program is only available to companies that are United Aqua Group members.  From the very beginning, it was designed that way.  Interested in having us help your company?  Join United Aqua Group!

Does JPI have references?

Certainly.  You may call our oldest client: Platinum Poolcare Aquatech (James Atlas), UAG Member #38, Phone 847.537.2525 x4002 .


JP Innovation is an approved United Aqua Group vendor for the US, Canada, and Australia.

Vendor J600.