How We Helped a Pool Builder Increase Their Average Revenue Per Pool

increased revenue per pool

How We Helped a Pool Builder Increase Their Average Revenue Per Pool


Starting on January 1, 2019 we were hired by a United Aqua Group Pool Builder.  In 2018, and all years previous, they would spend about $6k per month on PPC ads.  They were impressed by our proposed data-driven strategy and decided to try our approach to marketing for pool builders.

Their goals were:

  • Increase leads
  • Increase sales
  • Increase average revenue per pool sold

The first two goals are pretty standard when talking about improving your marketing.  The third goal, however, is a little more tricky.  We weren’t going to be writing their proposals so we had no way of controlling their pricing.  If we were going to have an impact we would need to do it on the lead end.  We would need to improve the quality of the leads that they were generating, which, in turn, should have an affect on the average sale price of their pools.  What they really were asking us to do was to make them more profitable.  We didn’t need to increase the number of pools that they built, but we did need to increase their sales prices.  We figured that we would help them increase the number of sales as well.


Our strategy boils down to increasing the quality of the leads that they are generating.  We have seen, with other clients, that higher-quality leads translate into higher sales prices.  Our strategy is also a data-driven strategy in which we utilize lots of different data.  We will explain more in the next section – Process.


Setup Dashboard

The first step in our process was for us to create a dashboard for this client.  The dashboard is vital as we use the various data to help us make the improvements.  The dashboard includes data from Google including Google Analytics, Google Search Console as well as data related to our clients, and their competitions, rankings in Google.  We also include data from Houzz.  This relates to their organic rankings as well as actionable data that we use to help them improve their organic rankings on Houzz for their desired cities.  Additionally we incorporate lead and sales tracking data.


Simultaneously we worked on research.  We researched the most important searches for our client.  Our approach uses data from Google and we identify the most valuable searches for this client.  We never perform our SEO services based on what we think, rather we research phrases that people are actually searching for.  We then take it further by determining which ones are searches being done by people who are actually looking to have a swimming pool built.  It does no good to simply identify search terms which are swimming pool related.  They needed to be searches which would result in traffic that is predisposed to buying a pool.


The next step is to optimize the website to target these searches.  In this case it involved us creating a new website for the client.  We determined how we would target the appropriate searches with the content on their website.  Additionally we created strategic calls-to-action and placed them throughout the website.  We did not just add a form to every page.  That is what someone had done to their old website and the results were not stellar.

Existing PPC Ads

We turned off all pay-per-click ads.  This was a permanent move.  They were spending $6k per month.

We optimized their profile on Houzz.  We used the data that we had collected and our client improved 1331 cumulative positions in the rankings.  They achieved the highest organic rank for all of their desired cities.

Optimize All Marketing Channels

We used the data in their dashboard, including the lead and sales data, to optimize all of their marketing channels.

Ongoing Process

This process is not simply a once and done process.  We constantly reviewed their data and made further improvements.  This is especially important for the search engines.

So how did we do?

We can look at the data.


Prior to becoming our client they had generated 194 leads from their website in 2018.  This was when they were spending $6k per month.

In 2019, based on our work, and with $0 in ads they generated 743 leads!  That is a 283% increase.

Not only did we generate a huge increase in their leads, but we also improved the quality of the leads.  These were not leads from people clicking on ads.  They were leads from people who organically found our client.  They had performed the searches that we had set out to target.  They found our client.  We were not advertising to them.

Average Revenue Per Sale:

Here is a screenshot from their dashboard.

average revenue per pool

In 2019 their leads generated from their website have average revenue which was 28.88% higher than their average sale.

In 2020, so far, their leads generated from their website have average revenue which is 18.18% higher than their average sale.

Here is a graph of their leads comparing each year.

pool builder leads