How We Help United Aqua Group Members Eliminate Their PPC Ads

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How We Help United Aqua Group Members Eliminate Their PPC Ads

I think that if you asked companies that run PPC ads if they would prefer not to would they?   I think most would say yes.

There are many problems with running PPC ads:

  1. They are costly & ongoing expense
  2. PPC ads are wrought with fraud
  3. The quality of the traffic & leads generated is low


These are the most common problems.  Why do companies continue to run PPC ads then?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. It is easy to do
  2. It helps them generate traffic & leads


Our Background

We had our first United Aqua Group client become our client 10 years ago.  When they first hired us their website was not optimized for search engines.  To increase the traffic to their website and help them generate leads an agency had convinced them that the best approach was to run ads with search engines.  They were spending about $7k per month.  Then they hired us.  We have completely eliminated their ad spending.  We’ve saved them over $500k.  We have built and optimized their website and they generate more, high-quality leads.  Our efforts have helped them increase their sales and their profitability.

That is just one story.  We have many.

Fact: JP Innovation has eliminated PPC ads for 100% of our clients.

Our Data-Driven Approach

What we did for that United Aqua Group client and what we have done for others is to take a data-driven strategy in which we leverage data to help increase their exposure online organically.  This helps them generate more meaningful traffic to their website which converts to leads and sales.  A key component to our success is our client dashboards.  We build a dashboard for each of our clients.  We use the dashboard to visualize various data that help us improve our clients rankings with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  It also helps us increase local rankings on Houzz.  For our clients, they have access to their dashboard as well.  They can view the data 24/7/365.

Targeting the Right Consumers

Online, not all traffic has the same value.  Not all traffic will convert to sales.  This is especially true of traffic which comes from ads.  This has to do with targeting people based on “keywords”.  Our approach is different and based on data.

What we do is to first do some research.  We want to understand what searches people are doing related to your business.  We use data from Google for this research, btw.  Once we determine the search phrases that they are using, we look at your geographic area.  We then come up with our targeted searches.  These are what we optimize your website for.  By performing your SEO in this data-driven way, we can target people who have the intent to do business with you.  In other words “They are looking for you”.

The wrong way to do SEO is the way that most agencies do it.  This is especially true of those agencies that provide SEO services in addition to providing ad management.  They just think in terms of :keywords”.  They target your ads by keywords.  The keywords are too simple.  This dilutes the quality of the traffic and makes the ads ineffective.

We do not manage ads for United Aqua Group clients.  We eliminate the need for ads.

Success for United Aqua Group Members

JP Innovation has become an approved United Aqua Group vendor (J600) for the US, Canada, and Australia.  We now are making our data-driven marketing program available to all United Aqua Group members.  You can learn more about our program here:

Here is one more example of how we helped a United Aqua Group member eliminate all of their ads and still increase their leads, sales, and profitability.  Instead of just telling you, though, we are going to share some actual screenshots from their dashboard.


This United Aqua Group member was referred to us by our oldest client.  They told us that they were spending $6k per month on ads.  They were not happy with the amount of traffic, leads and sales that this was generating.  So they told us that they wanted to: 1) eliminate all of their ad spending 2) increase more leads and 3) increase their average revenue per pool.  For us, the first two items we could do.  The third item would be tricky except for the fact that along with more organic traffic, they should see an increase in the “quality” of their leads.


Upon hiring us on Jan 1, 2019 they turned off all of their PPC ads.  No phasing them out.  They just flipped a switch and all traffic from ads was no longer.

We launched their new website.  We completed the initial search engine optimization while we were building it.  Traffic started rolling in and so did the leads.


In 2018 they generated 194 leads from their website in 2018 ($6k per month ads).

In 2019, after hiring JPI, they generated 743 leads from their website.  That is a 283% increase ($0 ads).

In 2020, as our client, from Jan 1, 2020 to September 10, 2020 they have generated 1,507 leads! (Still spending $0 for PPC ads.)

Average Revenue Per Pool

Remember, they wanted to increase the average revenue that they generated per pool.  We improved the quality of the traffic to their website and the leads that they are generating.

In 2019 their website leads generated sales with average revenue 28.88% higher than their average sale.

In 2020 their website leads generated sales with average revenue 18.89% higher than their average sale.

leads united aqua group

Screenshot of Leads from Website

increase average revenue

Screenshot of Revenue Per Pool Sale