SEO to Eliminate Ads, Increase Sales & Increase Profits

seo increase sales

SEO to Eliminate Ads, Increase Sales & Increase Profits

seo trafficSEO (search engine optimization) can help your company receive higher rankings with the search engines including Google.  It is important for your company to have high rankings if you wish for people to be able to find you.  Google should be the source of most of the traffic to your website and the biggest source of leads for your company.  If it isn’t then you have problems.

The goal of our SEO strategy, for our clients, is to achieve high rankings for each client so that their website shows up in the most valuable searches for their business.  We strive to get our clients in the first 3 organic results.  By doing so we can increase our clients’ exposure and this allows them to achieve:

  • More leads
  • Higher-quality leads
  • More sales
  • Higher revenue per sale
  • Eliminating all of their PPC ads
  • More profit

By using our data-driven approach we have been able to be 100% successful in helping our clients eliminate their need to run PPC ads!

Yes, it is completely possible to eliminate the need to run PPC ads.

It may not be that way for everyone but it is that way for us.  Our clients have generated millions of dollars in sales from our SEO efforts and actually been able to achieve all of the goals as we have laid them out.  They generate more, higher-quality leads, more sales, and have higher revenue per sale.  All of these things in addition to the fact that we have eliminated all of their PPC ads also makes them more profitable.

Our Approach to Achieving High Rankings

The JP Innovation approach to effective marketing for companies includes SEO services.  We apply a data-driven strategy to everything that we do for clients.  This, especially, includes our SEO services.  What this means.  We use data when we are working on SEO for our clients.  We use data from the search engines especially Google.

Data-Driven SEO

Our SEO services are based on data.  Whenever possible, we use data to drive any decisions that we need to make in our process.  Our use of data starts when we are determining the searches for which we want to rank.  We analyze data from Google to identify what will be the most valuable searches for our clients.  We do not simply try to optimize for individual “keywords”, but rather we strive to identify and target searches which will lead to web traffic that is more likely to culminate in sales.  When doing SEO some people make the mistake of targeting individual “keywords”, such as how they would do this for PPC ads,  and therefore they end up not achieving their goal of increasing sales.

Additionally, we use data when we are working on ongoing SEO edits.  We use ranking data to measure results.  We use data regarding our clients’ competition.

We never use “what we think” when making decisions.  This helps us achieve amazing results for our clients.

Measurable Results

Creating results is what it is all about.  We build a dashboard for all of our clients.  We use the data to make improvements for them.  Additionally we provide access to the dashboard for our clients.  They can access their dashboard 24/7/365.  So in addition to seeing more leads and sales they can see which leads are coming from their website.  The dashboards include lead and sales data in addition to data from Google Analytics.  We include other data, as well, which is not available from Google Analytics.  So if your current agency or SEO company is just sending you a monthly report from Google Analytics then you (and them) are missing out.

Actual Results

As we mentioned, we have eliminated the need for all of our clients to run PPC ads.

One client has saved over $500k!

Another client is saving $7k per month!

Another is saving $6k per month!

The best part, for them, is not only are they saving money but they are ranking high and generating high quality leads and sales.

More Leads

Here is a screenshot from one of our client’s dashboards.  This shows the number of leads they have generated from their website.

seo leads

More Sales

Here is a screenshot from their dashboard showing how their sales have increased.

seo sales

Higher Revenue Per Sale

Lastly, here is a screenshot showing their average revenue per sale per various marketing channels.

seo revenue per sale