Importance of Being on the First Page of Google Results


Importance of Being on the First Page of Google Results

Many people realize that they desire to gain exposure with the search engines and that in order to do this organically they need to rank high.  When you look at the actual click-thru-rates based on positions you can really understand how important this really is.

ctr by positions

As you can see, the likelihood that someone will click on you decreases as your position decreases.

The first three organic positions receive  62.7% of all of the clicks!

If you have any chance of someone finding you then you need to concentrate on achieving rankings in the top 3.

Over 60% of people do not even go to the second page of search results.

People are also less likely to click on you if you are showing up as an ad.

Goal – Top 3 Organic Positions

What we do, for our clients, is to strive to achieve the top 3 positions.

In some cases we have even been able to dominate ALL 3 positions.  You may be skeptical but is can be done.  We have had clients website show up as #1.  We have even hade the same clients blog show up as #2.  So how do we win the trifecta and get #3?  For contractors, what we have seen is that Houzz often shows up in the results.  So we get a client the highest organic position on Houzz as well.  This way, even if a person clicks on Houzz they see our client first.

You may see the same thing for your industry.  If there is a particular website that tends to rank high then you just need to figure out what you need to do to rank on that site as well.  It, however, is not always possible so you may have to settle for 2 out 3!

Leads & Sales – Biggest Source

Your biggest source of leads and sales should be Google.

If you tell me anything else I would say that you are not taking advantage of Google.

You may even resort to running PPC ads thinking that this is your solution.  You could not be further from the truth.

This company was relying on PPC ads to generate traffic to their website.  They did this through the end of 2018.  In fact, in 2018 they spent $72k on ads.  Starting in 2019 we put a stop to this.  Now they are spending $0 on ads.  Look at the leads that they have generated!

In 2019 they generated 743 leads from their website vs 194 in 2018.

In 2020 they have generated 1,624 (thru Oct)!

The best part is that their sales show results.  They have made millions of dollars in sales from these leads.  Plus, these leads have the highest average revenue per sale compared to all of their marketing channels, even referrals!

high rankings with google