How to Market a Swimming Pool Business

how to market a swimming pool business

How to Market a Swimming Pool Business

Important Note:

JP Innovation is a data-driven marketing agency that has helped numerous swimming pool builders improve their marketing.  We help them generate more leads, increase their sales, and increase their profitability.  JPI creates a client marketing dashboard for each client, so everything we do and we are going to share with you is backed up by data.  In 2020 JPI was approved as a marketing vendor for United Aqua Group for the US, Canada, and Australia.  

This article explains how we help swimming pool companies achieve incredible results!

How Marketing For Swimming Pool Companies Used to Be

Marketing for swimming pool companies has changed.  Gone are the days that you could simply run PPC ads and expect the best results.  Companies are now looking to improve the quality of their leads.  Paying for placement, whether it is with the search engines or on a website such as, no longer yields the best results.  Organic exposure, based on our experience, yields the best results.  More leads.  Higher-quality leads.  But only if you know what you are doing.

Pay-Per-Click ads yield poor results and lower quality leads.

Here is a screenshot from one our our client’s dashboards.

leads swimming pool companies

As you can see from this data, this swimming pool company has seen incredible results by adopting an organic approach.  In fact, they eliminated all of their PPC ads which has saved them $7k per month.  This, in addition to generating more leads.

2018 (with $72k in PPC ads) they generated 194 leads from their website

2019 (with $0 in PPC ads) they generated 743 leads from their website

2020 (with $0 in PPC ads) they generated 1,557 leads from their website (thru Sept 20)

Data-Driven Marketing That Generates Results

The approach that we take for swimming pool companies is a data-driven marketing strategy that focuses on achieving results without ads.  Since our marketing strategy is based on data it is a little different for each company as we make changes to their marketing based on their specific data.  One of the benefits to our approach is also that the swimming pool clients that we have can access data in their dashboard 24/7/365.

We will discuss some of the main issues and tactics.

Targeting Local Consumers

One of the most important aspects, if you want to have marketing that works, is to figure out how to target the right people.  In most cases this involves targeting “local” consumers.  What we do is to research what people are searching for locally and optimize the swimming pool company’s website to show up for those searches.  Our SEO services focus strictly on organic results, that is, not paid results.  Google should be your biggest and best source of leads.  Google should generate the highest number of leads vs all other marketing channels.  When we say best we are referring to the highest-quality of leads.  The highest-quality leads generate sales with the highest revenue per sale.  This makes a huge impact on your business.

Here is a screenshot from one of our client’s dashboards.  You can see that the leads from their website have, by far, the highest revenue per sale.  Why is this?  It is because we successfully targeted the right searches for this swimming pool company.

swimming pool sales

Optimizing Marketing Channels

What we do is to use our client dashboards to analyze our swimming pool clients’ marketing channels.  We then make adjustments to their marketing for each platform based on the data.  Again our focus is on organic results.  No ads.  No paid placement.

Having the right data helps us help them.

Speaking of data, our dashboards include data from many different sources.  We include data from Google Analytics, their lead tracking, their sales data, organic ranking data from Google, data that we collect from and more.  Data is much more than just Google Analytics.

Eliminating Ads

All of the organic optimization that we do allows us to completely eliminate PPC advertising for our clients.  One of our swimming pool clients has saved over $500k!  There are so many problems with PPC ads:

  • Ineffective targeting
  • Expensive
  • Lower-quality leads
  • Fewer leads
  • Fraud

So if PPC ads are so terrible why do swimming pool companies, or their agencies, use them?

Because it is easy to run ads.  Plus they think that it works.  It is the easy way out.

Marketing Results

We have helped swimming pool companies generate amazing results.

  • More leads
  • Higher-quality leads
  • Increased sales
  • Eliminate ads
  • Higher revenue per sale
  • More profit

This screenshot says it all!

swimming pool sales