Effective SEO for Pool and Spa Companies

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Effective SEO for Pool and Spa Companies

SEO (search engine optimization) is important to pool and spa companies.  Google can and should be the largest source of leads for all pool and spa companies.  When people are researching and looking for a pool or spa company the first place that they look is Google.    In this article we explain how JP Innovation uses data to help pool and spa companies that belong to the United Aqua Group.  We have been working with UAG members for 10 years and in 2020 JPI was approved as a vendor for UAG in the US, Canada and Australia.

By adopting a data-driven organic approach to SEO we have been able to help our UAG clients generate more leads, increase sales, as well as become more profitable.  This only works if you understand and leverage the power of Google.


In order for pool and spa companies to achieve the best results they need to base all of their research on data.  This starts out when determining what “keywords” to target.  We never base things on what we think.  We base it on data provided by a pretty good source – Google.  That’s right.  Google provides data related to searches that anyone can use.  You can see what people are searching for and how many searches are done per month.  You can even zoom in to specific geographic regions to get even more specific for your company.

Different Than PPC Ads

Effective SEO is completely different than PPC ads.  In fact, we have eliminated PPC ads for 100% of our clients by adopting our data-driven marketing strategy including SEO.  Companies often rely on PPC ads as an alternative to having to perform true SEO.  You see, SEO is something that can be difficult and often entails devoting a significant amount of time.  When done correctly though, it can provide great marketing results for a long period of time.  SEO also has the advantage of not having to pay.  We have one UAG pool and spa company who has saved over $500k by eliminating their need to run ads.  Plus, SEO has generated leads which have amounted in millions in sales for them.

Keywords vs Long Tail Searches

An important concept to understand is the difference between “keywords” and “long tail searches”.

Most companies, especially those who run PPC ads, understand what “keywords” are when you are talking about PPC ads.  Keywords, in this case, are words that they target when running their ads.  Often companies target too short of keywords.  They may target words such as “pools” or “spas”.  Do you see the problem with that?  If someone searches for “pools” they may be looking for a public pool.  If they are searching for “spas” they may be looking to get their nails done.

Pool and spa companies can see better results by using long tail searches.  Of course just because they are using long tail searches does not mean that they will be more successful.  You have to analyze the data and figure out what the best long tail searches are.

” Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.” – wordtracker.com


Identifying Long Tail Searches

The trick when trying to determine the best long tail searches, for pool and spa companies, is to come up with the searches which people will use and for which they have the desired intent.  If you build pools and spas then you want to target people who want to have a pool or spa installed at their home.  One of the benefits of working with JPI is that we have worked with pool and spa companies for more than a decade.  We have done research and performed countless experiments.  In other words, we have determined, based on the data, which long tail searches are the most valuable.  We have also figured out the best ways to rank high for these searches.  No need to start from scratch.

As we mentioned, Google provides tools to research searches.  This is a good start.  You have to think about what your company does as well as what people are searching for.

Results for Pool & Spa Companies

By adopting a data-driven organic marketing strategy you can achieve better marketing results.

If you are currently running PPC ads you don’t need to.  You can save the money that you are spending on ads.  We should now.  We have eliminated the need for ads for all of our clients.

More than just saving money that you previously spent on ads you can be generating more leads which will generate higher average revenue.

Here is a screenshot from one of our UAG client’s dashboard.

average revenue per sale

You can see that their website sales have the highest revenue per sale compared to all marketing channels.

Here is what we have done for their leads with SEO:

high rankings with google