Data-Driven Digital Marketing for UAG Members

We Use Data to Improve UAG Members' Profitability

What our UAG clients have to say:

James Atlas, Platinum Pool, UAG Member #38

Innovative Marketing Helps United Aqua Group Members Increase Profitability

JP Innovation helps United Aqua Group members improve their marketing results.

We help UAG members generate more leads, organically (without PPC ads).

These are not ordinary leads.  These are high-quality leads.  Leads that generate sales with higher revenue.

How do we do this?

We create a custom strategy based on your business.  We identify and target the most valuable searches for your business.  These are the searches being done by people intending to hire a pool company like yours!

Our clients see measurable results in the dashboard that we build for them.

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We help UAG members generate more, high-quality leads while decreasing their dependence on ads.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Turnkey marketing services for UAG members who want to generate more, higher-quality leads while decreasing their dependence on PPC ads.

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Generate More Leads Without Ads

We are a digital marketing agency for UAG members.  We are based in Chicago, IL.

We take a data-driven approach to our UAG clients’ marketing.  In order to achieve the best marketing results for our clients, we base all marketing decisions on data.  We also create actionable data which allows us to provide better SEO results as well as all marketing channel optimization.  We have developed processes which allow us to collect, store, and visualize the necessary data through the use of a custom-built dashboard for each of our clients.  We make our dashboard available to each of our clients for 100% transparency.

Our UAG member clients have all drastically increased the number of leads that they generate and they have experienced an increase in the quality of the leads which is evident in the increased revenue per sale.  We are proud to say that all of our clients have been able to eliminate all of their online ads.

Let’s discuss how we can leverage your data!

Measurable Results

We create measurable data which we can use to help you dominate the most important searches for your business. We use the data to optimize all of your marketing channels.


We only work with one pool builder per geographic region (50-mile radius). We do this because it would not be fair to our clients and allows us to devote 100% to each of our pool builder clients.

100% Transparency

All of our pool builder clients receives a custom dashboard which they can access 24/7/365. Your dashboards helps you visualize your marketing performance.


Many pool builders and agencies rely on ads in order to drive more traffic.  We know what we can do in order to organically dominate searches and generate more leads without paying for ads.  We have eliminated all of our clients’ ads.

Outranking Your Competitors

We identify the most valuable searches for you.  We help you outrank your competitors.  Without ads.  It’s that simple.


Everything that we do is based on data. Your data. We needed a place to visualize your data so we build all of our pool builders their own dashboards. Your dashboard is accessible 24/7/365. Our dashboard is much more than just Google Analytics, it includes lead and sales data, and calls-to-actions as well.


Setup a time and we will explain more about our marketing services and how we use data.

We even have special pricing for Swell for UAG members.

Only $199 per month!

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    We’ve partnered with Swell to help UAG members!

    Swell helps prospects find your business through online reviews, converts website visitors, and turns customer interactions into revenue.  Messaging. Reviews. Surveys. Payments. Scheduling. Swell tools are simple to set up, easy to automate, and, just like your customers, they’re mobile. You can customize, personalize, and analyze them, and they plug right into your existing systems and workflows.