Names JP Innovation among the Top SEO Companies in Chicago Names JP Innovation among the Top SEO Companies in Chicago is a research portal that researches and publishes lists of the most outstanding, professional, and influential companies in various categories.  The category that we have been selected for is the SEO category.

In order to put together their lists of the top SEO companies researches and evaluates companies based on the company’s ability to provide services, industry experience, brand reputation, awards, and much more.  Their premier focus is on quality, reliability and market presence.

We have been honored to have been selected to be included in the Top SEO Agencies in Chicago.

About Our SEO Services

JP Innovation is not your ordinary SEO company.  For one, we help our clients dominate searches and eliminate their reliance on PPC ads.  We have been 100% successful in doing this for all of our contractor clients across the US.

Our turnkey digital marketing services for contractors are data-driven.  We build a dashboard for each of our clients.  Our clients have access to their dashboard 24/7/365.  By using data in our decision making processes we achieve better results.  One of our main focuses is always SEO.

Here is our approach to SEO for our clients:

  1. We use data to research and determine the “most valuable searches” for our clients.  These are the searches in which the person has the intent of hiring a contractor.  These are not necessarily just the highest volume searches but rather the “best” searches.
  2. We optimize our clients website or build them a new one.  It is optimized to organically rank for the targeted searches.
  3. We optimize the website using strategic calls-to-action in order to generate high quality leads.
  4. We track everything.
  5. Ongoing we make constant improvements.
  6. We track the organic rankings for these desired searches for our clients.
  7. We also track their competitors for the same searches.

If you need help with SEO or if you want to eliminate your need for PPC ads contact us here.

Here is an example of how we used organic SEO to our client outrank their competitors: