SEO for Contractors

seo for contractors

SEO for Contractors

SEO for Contractors with Measurable Results

We provide SEO services for contractors.  This is our specialty.

We don’t manage PPC ads.

We provide SEO services with incredible results so our contractor clients are able to eliminate their need for PPC ads.

We are going to share some screenshots from one of our clients.  We eliminated their need to use PPC ads.  They used to spend $6k – $7k per month.  Now they spend $0.  Our approach to SEO has saved them over $700k!

Contractor SEO Using Business Intelligence

Here is how we do it.

First, we research using data from Google.  We identify the most valuable searches for our client.  What are the most valuable searches?  Are they the ones with the biggest volumes of searches?  No.  They are the ones being done by people who have the intent to hire a contractor like you.

Next, we put together a list of the online competitors for our client.  These are the other contractors that provide the same services as our client.

Now, we check the organic rankings for our client and their competitors for these searches.  We check the rankings every day.

Then, we build a dashboard that displays all of this data.  We use the data to make changes systematically, which will improve our clients rankings.

We provide our clients with 24/7/365 access to their dashboard.  We believe in 100% transparency.  We never send our clients static reports.  Our SEO clients can see in realtime how their rankings are improving.  They can even see how they rank for each search individually.

JP Innovation has been named one of the Best United States SEO Companies.

Contractor SEO Dashboard

Real, Measurable Results

We even include lead and sales data in our client dashboards.

What we have found is that by targeting the people who have the intent to hire a contractor, we are able to improve the quality of the leads that our clients generate.  Since the leads are people who have the intent to hire a contractor they tend to generate higher revenue per sale.

Are you tired of SEO companies that promise you the world, and who also offer to manage your PPC ads?

Are you tired of trusting that they will generate results?

Are you tired of bad reporting?

Are you tired of bad leads?

Are you tired of not generating leads from your website?

Let’s talk.  We know that you will like the SEO Strategy that we use for our contractor clients.