Optimization of Marketing Channels for Pool Companies

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Optimization of Marketing Channels for Pool Companies

Do you optimize your marketing channels?

You may say “Yes”, but do you really?

When we started working with pool builders, over 10 years ago, we say that if we “allocated” our efforts based on how “good” a marketing channel was for a particular client that we could achieve better results.  At the time we did this subconsciously as many of you do (I’ll explain in a minute).  The realization we had was that there had to be a better way to optimize our clients’ marketing channels.  Back in the old days some of our clients we even using PPC ads.  I know, crazy right?

We realized that there had to be a better way so we created one for ourselves.  Our client dashboards were born.

Data-Driven Dashboards – The Birth

When we first started we decided that we needed to make our marketing services more efficient and effective.

We saw that there was certain data that we were using for all of our clients.  The data was from various sources and there was no one place that we could go to see all of this.  So we built our first dashboard.  We built it for our internal use.  So we could be more efficient and effective.  It worked.

A big part of our initial process was figuring out what data to use.  We knew that we needed data from Google Analytics, so we built that in.  We knew that in order to determine the quality of our various marketing channels we need to have lead and sales data, so we built that in.  Some of our clients were keeping track of leads in regular spreadsheets and had no way to visualize the data, so our dashboards did an amazing job in visualization.  Then we saw that if we could have certain data for specific channels we could figure out ways to optimize them organically.  We did this for Houzz.com.  We have much more data that we include.  Data related to SEO is very important, but we include it only if it brings value to us.

Better, Measurable Results

When we first set out to build our tools and processes we did not do it to make more money.  We did it with the goal to generate Measurable Results for Our Clients.  We knew that we would have happier clients and be able to sell our services to potential clients if we could show them actual results that we have achieved for our other clients.  This is when all of the stars aligned and we made the decision to make our dashboards available to all of our clients.  We would give them 24/7/365 access.  They are in the cloud so they could access them from their office.  If they are working from home they could access them there.  No files to send.  Easy.  Dependable.

No More Reports

By having our client dashboards available for our clients we could provide them with interactive data visualizations that eliminated the need for us to send them any static reports.  Many marketing companies schedule Google Analytics reports to be sent to their clients.  That is so old.  Our dashboards provide way more insight.  Google Analytics is just one piece of your company’s data puzzle.  You have to figure it out!

Eliminated Need for PPC Ads

An added benefit for our pool builder clients is that ALL of them no longer need to rely on PPC ads.

You see, all of our clients now receive most of their leads from Google.  Organically, without ads.  Some of our clients used to spend (waste) $7k per month on PPC ads.  We have eliminated the need for ads for 100% of our pool builder clients.

They now generate most of their leads from their websites.

We have saved one of our clients over $500k!

Here is a screenshot from one of our client’s dashboards.  This shows leads generated by their website.

They started as our client in January of 2019.

2018 they generated 194 leads from their website (spent $72k for ads)

2019 they generated 743 leads from their website (spent $0 for ads)

2020 (so far) they have generated 1,596 leads from their website (spent $0 for ads)

By years end they will have 10x their leads!

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