Innovative Pool & Spa Marketing for United Aqua Group

Innovative Pool & Spa Marketing for United Aqua Group

As you may know, JP Innovation is proud to have become an approved Vendor for United Aqua Group in the US, Canada, and Australia.  This means that United Aqua Group members can now take advantage of our Innovative Marketing Services.  So what is so innovative about our marketing services?

Glad you asked!

Our services are not just Innovative because we describe them as such, but rather, they are because of how we do things.

First, let’s look at results we have been able to help UAG members achieve:

  1. Increased leads
  2. Improved quality of leads
  3. Increased profit

All of this plus all of our UAG member clients have completely eliminated their reliance on Pay-Per-Click ads.  That’s right.  Our UAG member clients spend $0 on PPC ads.  This has saved one UAG member $500,000!  It is saving another $6,000 per month!

You may say “We can turn off our ads”.  Sure you can but if you did you would lose all of your website traffic!

Data-Driven Strategy & Dashboard

Our turnkey marketing services are based on a data-driven strategy.  We take a more beneficial approach to data.  We don’t just use data to measure results, but rather we use data to create measurable results.  Data is more than Google Analytics.  Data is your lead info.  Data is your sales info.  It is how you rank organically.  On Google.  On Houzz. And much much more.  We have seen the value of data for pool and spa companies and have designed ways to collect, store, visualize, and analyze to create a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our client dashboard is something that we create for each of our clients.  It allows us to create better marketing results for our clients.  We also make it available to our clients.  Our clients don’t simply receive Google Analyitcs reports from us.  They have 24/7/365 access to an interactive dashboard which is very insightful.

Here is a screenshot from one of our client dashboards:

pool builder marketing

Increased Leads

All of our pool builder clients have seen increased leads even though we eliminate their PPC ads.  Many companies rely on PPC ads to generate traffic to their websites.  Not our clients.  We use data to identify and target the most valuable searches for them online.  This translates to more leads.

You can see in the screenshot above how we have massively increased this company’s leads.

In 2018 (not our client) they generated 194 leads from their website.
In 2018 they spent $72k on PPC ads.

In 2019 (our client) they generated 743 leads from their website.  That’s a 283% increase!
In 2019 they spent $0 on PPC ads.

In 2020 (our client) they have generated 1,973 so far from their website.  That’s a 168% increase!
In 2020 they spent $0 on PPC ads.

Improved Quality of Leads

Our data-driven strategy and tactics ends up generating higher quality leads for our clients.  It’s true.  Especially if you consider the Quality based on revenue per sale.  Here is a screenshot from a client dashboard.

pool revenue

You can see that the leads from their website have the highest revenue per sale.  Their website leads generate sales which are 21.7% higher than their average sale!

Increased Profit

Ultimately, our clients see increased profits.  We are able to help them increase their profits by:

  1. Eliminating their need for PPC ads
  2. Increasing their leads and sales
  3. Helping them generate sales with higher revenue per sale

There are actually other ways as well but they typically vary from client to client.

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