How We Help Pool Builders Improve Their Profitability

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How We Help Pool Builders Improve Their Profitability

We are a data-driven digital marketing agency for pool builders.  We help pool and spa companies generate higher-quality leads and improve their profitability.  We are an approved United Aqua Group vendor for the US, Canada, and Australia.

We are not your ordinary marketing agency and we are not an advertising agency.

We leverage data to help pool and spa companies increase their exposure organically and have successfully helped 100% of our clients eliminate their need for PPC ads.

In this article we will explain how we help pool and spa improve their profitability.  We will give you an actual example using real data.  The data comes from our client dashboard and in this case it is data from an actual pool builder.

Background – Helping Pool Builders

We have been providing our data-driven marketing services for pool builders for over 10 years.

In 2018 the owner of a pool building company contacted our existing pool builder client and asked about who helps them with their marketing.  The pool builder then contact us and we discussed partnering with them.  We knew that we could use the knowledge that we had to help them.  They hired us on Jan 1, 2019.  Prior to hiring us the company relied on PPC ads to generate traffic to their website.  They were spending $72k per year on their ads.  They told us that their main goal was not simply to generate more sales but rather to generate more profitable sales.  Here is what we did for them..

What We Did to Improve Their Profitability

Set Them Up for Success

Our approach to marketing for pool builders is based on a data-driven strategy that we have successfully employed for many companies.  It relies heavily on data and generates measurable results.  In order to use the actionable results we create a dashboard for each of our clients.  So we built them a dashboard.  We included data from Google Analytics, Google Searches (including competitors), Houzz, lead data, sales data and more.  We use the data to make improvements for them and we also provided them with 24/7/365 access to their dashboard as well.

Increase the Quality of Their Leads

The next step in our data-driven approach was to identify and target the most valuable searches for their business online.  This involved extensive research as well as leveraging the knowledge from our other very successful marketing from previous pool builders.  The “trick” is to identify these “most valuable searches” but you may ask “What are the most valuable searches?”.

The most valuable searches for them are the searches, which when done by people are likely to generate traffic in which the people are likely to hire them to build a pool.  There are certainly lots of potential searches and by targeting the “most valuable” we can improve the quality of their leads.  Also, by doing this organically, without PPC ads, we allow people to “find them” instead of advertising “to” the people.

The result was drastically improved quality of leads.  The most profitable pools that they are selling are from leads generated from their website.

pool builders revenue

Increase the Quantity of Their Leads

By focusing on the most valuable searches we were able to dominate the searches and not only drive improved quality of leads but also increased quantity of leads from their website.

The result has been incredible.

pool builder leads

Eliminate Their Need for PPC Ads

On day 1, after hiring us, we turned off all of their ads.  We started seeing improved results almost immediately and have never looked back.  They are now saving $6,000 per month.

Improved Profits

Their profits have increased.  Remember how I had said that they wanted to sell the same number of pools but for more money?  Here is what has happened:

pool builder profitability

We Can Do This for Your Company

If you would like to discuss how we can help your company leverage data to improve your profitability you can learn more here.

If you are a United Aqua Group member you can learn more about our program here.