Helping UAG Members Increase Their Profitability

increased profitability

Helping UAG Members Increase Their Profitability

Most UAG members are busy.  They have been selling pools and spas and increasing their lead time that they are quoting to potential clients.  Since sales, for most, are easy to come by the thing that most United Aqua Group members can address is their profitability.  When it comes to profitability, many UAG members just settle for the profitability that they are able to achieve.  This is a mistake.

Increasing Profitability

The trick, for UAG pool builders is to sell more pools which have higher profit and less pools which have lower profits.  For us, we started working with UAG pool builders 10 years ago.  We provided turnkey marketing services for these clients and over the years have developed an approach which has allowed us to help more than one UAG pool builder to increase their profitability.  Our strategy and tactics have yielded measurable results and have allowed our UAG clients to generate more and more high-quality leads each year.

No PPC Ads

One of the benefits of our data-driven strategy that we use for UAG clients is that we help them generate more traffic to their websites.  How we do this is different.  We identify and target the most valuable searches for their businesses.  In doing so our clients are able to target the most valuable searches and the people who are looking to have a pool and spa built.  Understanding data and SEO has not only allowed our clients to receive high-quality traffic to their website but in addition is has allowed us to completely eliminate our clients to eliminate their need for PPC ads.  100%.  One of our UAG clients has saved over $500,000!  Another is saving $6,000 per month by not having to run ads.

So went it comes to your marketing, we do not want to manage your ads, but rather we will eliminate them!

Leveraging Data

How we have been able to achieve for more than one United Aqua Group pool builder has not been by luck.

We have helped them by leveraging data.  This has allowed to create measurable results.

The main thing to note is that we would not have been able to generate the results that we have for our UAG clients if it were not for data.

We have designed and built for each of our clients, a dashboard which allows us to take advantage of data.  The trick with data is understanding which data you need to collect, store, visualize and analyze in order to achieve your desired results.

We have done this for UAG members.

We are now a UAG approved vendor for Canada, Australia and the US.

Measurable Results for UAG Members

Example #1 – UAG Pool Builder

Here are a couple of screenshots from one of our clients’ dashboards.

In this graph you can see that the leads from their website, which we have helped them generate, have the highest revenue per sale.  $45k higher than their other leads including referrals.

In this graph you can see that we have helped them to achieve the highest organic rankings for the most valuable searches for their business.

Example #2 – UAG Pool Builder

Before we show you the data, this story is worth mentioning the goals of this clients.  When they first hired us they said that they didn’t just want to sell more pools.  They actually told us that they wanted to sell fewer pools but at a higher profit margin.  They had been using PPC ads to generate traffic to their website.

We have been very successful in helping them exceed their goals.

pool builder leads

This graph shows how we have helped them generate more leads from their website.

This graph shows how we have helped them generate $6,000,000 more in revenue while building the same number of pools as in the previous year.  You can see that their average revenue per pool increased by $15k.

These graphs show that their website leads generate the highest revenue per sale of all their leads.  This is true even before the pandemic.  Note that their website leads now generate sales with the highest revenue per sale.

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