About JP Innovation, Inc. - JP Innovation, Inc
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About Us

At JP Innovation our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals.  We do this by identifying marketing opportunities that are unique for the particular business and then developing a plan that is based on the specific business and the specific opportunity.

We then help the client execute on the plan and drive measurable results.

Does your business have marketing opportunities that you are not leveraging?

The answer is most likely yes.

Why settle for “that is the way that we have always do it”?

If you are someone that is concerned with driving measurable results then we would like to discuss your business.  We learn about your business and look for opportunities that exist in which we can move the needle.  Many of the opportunities that we have leveraged for clients are digital and allow us to create measurable results.  We love that.  You love that.

We help manufacturers take advantage of specific marketing opportunities.

By creating measurable success for dealers the whole organization benefits.

We have seen that with many businesses that often all competitors seem to be on a level playing field.  This is especially true for location-based businesses.  No one business or dealer seams to be taking a substantial lead when it comes to certain marketing channels.  Why is that?

We believe that by identifying specific marketing opportunities, in specific marketing channels, that companies can have an advantage over their competition.

Manufacturers that embrace this concept will benefit.  Their dealers will benefit from increased leads and ultimately increased sales.

Client Testimonial