Marketing Results for Contractors

Real, Measurable SEO Results

We provide SEO and marketing services for clients who want to increase their exposure organically online.  We provide SEO services so companies don’t need to use PPC ads.  In fact, we’ve eliminated PPC advertising for 100% of our clients.


We help our clients show up for the most valuable searches for their businesses.  We research searches and find the searches being done by people who have the intent to hire a contractor.  We then optimize our clients’ websites so they rank well for these searches.  We track their rankings as well as their competitors.  Our clients can see all of this data in the dashboard that we build for them.  We use the actionable data in their dashboard to improve their rankings further and measurably.

All Data Below is Actual Client Data and is Live!

Pool Contractor – Chicago

This client has been with us for more than 10 years.  When they first came to us they were spending about $6k-$7k per month on PPC ads.  They had no choice.  They only showed up organically for 1 search.  We eliminated their need for PPC ads years ago.  They have saved over $700k by not having to pay for ads.


Our SEO strategies help them show up organically for the most valuable searches for their business.  Our dashboard provides them with insights related to their marketing as well as revenue.

Pool Company – Dallas

One of our newest clients.  This company wanted to increase their exposure for three different service areas.  We researched the most valuable searches for them.  We even built a new website which helps kickstart their rankings.  Now we continue to make improvements to their rankings and they show up for more of the most valuable searches than any of their competitors.  They also have the lowest Avg Google Rank.


We are making amazing improvements to their marketing and they are seeing the results in their dashboard as well as in their revenue!

Pool Company – Orlando

When this contractor came to us they told us their goal.  They wanted to sell the same or fewer numbers of pools but they wanted to make more money per pool.  We set off to do just this.  We did extensive research and identified the most valuable searches for their business.  We stopped of of their PPC ads.  We built them a new highly-optimized website.  They now rank for 100% of the searches that we are targeting.  Their revenue per pool has increased while working with us.  We believe that by targeting people with the intent to hire a pool builder helps.  They are often in the list of the 50 largest pool builders in the US.


They are saving $6k every month by not having to run PPC ads.  In total they have saved over $250k by working with us and adopting our organic marketing strategy.

Custom Home Builder – Los Angeles

This custom home builder wanted to reach more people.  We built a new website for them and continue to optimize it to target the most valuable searches.  They no longer spend any money on PPC ads and the fact that they dominate the most valuable searches is helping them increase their sales.

Google is the go-to research when people are searching for something.  They are the perfect example.  We have identified and targeted the most valuable searches for them.  In their case these are searches being done by people who are looking to hire a custom home builder and will typically spend over $5MM on their house.