Why you have to be active on Houzz

Why you have to be active on Houzz

I noticed something yesterday and thought that I should make everyone aware of this.

For a couple of very good reasons you should not let your Houzz profile be inactive.  The results are catastrophic (in my opinion).

You may have a Houzz profile and let’s say that you have a decent amount of reviews (btw, you can never have enough reviews).

You may even have what you consider to be a fair amount of projects on your profile.

What you cannot do is decide that what you have is enough.

I was reviewing a company’s organic profile rankings yesterday and saw that their rankings had plummeted.

Yes, your organic profile rankings will suffer for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1:

If you are not constantly improving the strength of your profile and other people are improving theirs, then guess what?  Your organic profile rankings will decrease.  You may think you are standing still but in reality you are moving backwards.

Reason 2:

Your organic profile rankings are basically determined by the strength of your profile.  We reviewed the organic rankings for one company and for the last 6 months nothing changed on their profile.  No new reviews were received and no new projects were added.  Their rankings were pretty much constant.

Disclaimer: we were hired as a consultant to advise them on what they could do to improve their rankings.

When we first started working with them their average organic profile rank was 14.57.  This is for 42 cities.

After following our advise their average organic profile rank dropped to 5.73.  They maintained this average for 6 months.

Six months ago they stopped following our advice.

Yesterday, their average organic profile rank was 22.42.

Their competition could not have all improved the strength of their profiles at the exact same time.

Some of their rankings, in fact, stayed the same.

The only change was that their profile has been inactive for 7 months.


Do not let your Houzz profile become stagnant.  If you do then your organic profile rankings will suffer.

If you want to improve your rankings and succeed in using Houzz to generate leads and sales you can.

Great Results:

Also yesterday, as we were checking our clients’ organic profile rankings we saw the results of being active and strengthening a profile.

We started working with a new client in April of 2018.

We we started with them they had 2 #1 organic profile rankings and an average organic profile rank of 21.04.

One month later they have 7 #1 rankings and have an average organic profile ranking of 9.29.

This illustrates why you cannot settle on Houzz.

Don’t be satisfied.  Improve your rankings or you will suffer.