Why Use Houzz.com for Business

Why Use Houzz.com for Business

Houzz.com has 40 million monthly active users.  90% of these people are homeowners and they are using Houzz.com for their remodeling or new home construction project.

That represents 36,000,000 people.

And not just ordinary people.  These are people who are interested in remodeling or building a new home!

So what are they using Houzz.com for and how can you use this for marketing your business?

Two of the most popular activities for homeowners on Houzz.com are:

  • Looking for ideas for their project (viewing images)
  • Searching for contractors

So if your company is a contractor then you have to be on Houzz.com.

You can even use Houzz.com without paying Houzz and still generate massive interest in your company by uploading projects that you have completed and adding images of these projects.

Achieving Success with Houzz.com

The key to leveraging the power of Houzz.com is maximizing the exposure that your profile and images receive on Houzz.  This will generate leads for your company and ultimately sales.

Many companies miss the opportunities that exist in leveraging the power of Houzz because they create a profile and they simply pay Houzz as part of the Pro+ or Service+ advertising programs.  Many think that this is enough.  It simply is not.

In order to generate the most exposure for your company on Houzz, one haxs to address the “organic” rankings of your profile and your images.

By doing so you will be able to achieve amazing results.

Here is an example of one of our clients whom we have helped to maximize their exposure on Houzz.  This client’s profile ranks #1 (organically) for over 100 searches for contractors in their key markets.  In their particular category the only way to achieve #1 rankings is organically.  If they were just paying Houzz then they would show randomly within the search results but they would never be ranked #1.

In this example, this client receives 74% of their clicks on their Houzz profile from organic exposure.  Had they just relied on paid the number of profile clicks that they received would have been significantly less.

Looking at the same client’s photo impressions we can see that the majority of impressions are from organic.  In the last year they have generated over 2.4 million organic photo impressions while paid photo impressions for the same period only amount to 158,237.

Organic photo impressions were 15x that of paid!

There are also other marketing benefits for you if you embrace Houzz.com.  You can drive significant, high-value people to your website!

What do we mean by high-value?

We already mentioned that people using Houzz.com are high-value because they are interested in remodeling or building a new home.  We did some research related to referral traffic to this same client’s website.  We looked at traffic from: Houzz.com, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google ads.  We looked at three metrics: pages viewed, time spent, and bounce rate.  In case you are not familiar with Bounce Rate it is how quickly someone leaves your website.  If someone looks at 1 page and leaves that would be 100% bounce.  So a lower bounce rate is better.

How did they all compare?

Houzz won hands-down for every metric!

A footnote: this particular client generated substantial sales from leads generated from Houzz.com.

If your company is using Houzz make sure that you are simply not relying on paid advertising to generate success for you.