Using Houzz for Marketing Effectively

Using Houzz for Marketing Effectively

I have read many articles and talked to many people about this topic.

Most articles and most conversations seem to go in the same direction.

These are some of the things that we hear:

“We do not generate any leads from Houzz.”

“We do not generate any sales from Houzz.”

“Advertising on Houzz does not work.”

We spend countless hours working on ways for people to be successful in using Houzz for marketing and have numerous cases of client success.  So we know you too can be successful.

We have looked at literally hundreds of Houzz profiles for companies and we know that we have have the answer.  What we are seeing proves it over and over again.

Think of This! Your Houzz Profile = Google + Your Website

Think of your Houzz profile like your website and Google.  You have a website.  How well does your website perform with the search engines?  Can people find your website and do they contact you?

Well, if you have a website and you do nothing to help how effective your website is as it relates to showing up in search results then guess waht – you do not get much out of your webiste.  Do you use Google ads as your main source of reaching people?  Or do you use Google ads to periodically target specific people?

SEO for Houzz

You can do things to improve your results on Houzz.

You can optimize your profile so that you show up high, organically, when people search.  You can optimize your projects and photos so that they show up when people are searching.

Did you know that for many categories on Houzz the only way to show up #1 for searches is organically?

What does Pro+ do?  You are randomly placed in the search results but never, ever #1 because of you paying Houzz!

As far as your photos go you have to optimize them as well.  If people cannot find your photos then they will never save them to their ideabooks!

You cannot simply pay Houzz and think you do not have to do anything.  It doesn’t work that way.

Here is an example of what happens when you optimize your Houzz profile.

This client had a Pro+ account and was paying Houzz for mediocre results.  We helped them optimize their profile for searches.

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