How to the Win Best of Houzz Design Award

How to the Win Best of Houzz Design Award

You are most likely aware that Houzz gives out two awards each year to companies on Houzz:

  • Houzz – Best of Service
  • Houzz – Best of Design

Some companies, especially design professionals, are often mystified that they do not win the “Design” award.

We are going to explain what you need to do in order to win this award.

How you win it!

You can win the Houzz – Best of Design award by having a high number of people saving your images to their ideabooks.  That’s it.

Common Problems

I have been questioned by many design professionals as to why they do not win.  Some of them have been great designers and have incredible photos of the projects that they have designed.

The problem is that people cannot find your photos on Houzz.  As more and more companies add new projects and photos to Houzz it is becoming more competitive and unless you optimize your photos, you may never win this award.

Take a look at the public version of your Houzz profile and look at the badge which indicates the total number of saves for your photos.  If you are one of these companies that wonders why you do not win then you most likely will see a small number of saves.

Having less than 10,000 saves is pretty low.  Don’t feel bad.  I am telling this to you so that you can make changes and improve the number of impressions that your photos receive.  You see, in order for people to save your photos they have to be able to find them when they are searching photos on Houzz.

  • Simply relying on people who happen upon your profile will most likely not provide enough saves.  You have to make it easier for people to find your photos!
  • Paid advertising on Houzz will most likely not provide enough exposure for you to win.  I know numerous companies that have been paying Houzz for years and have never won.
  • Adding keywords to your photos is not enough.  Photo optimization is much more complex than that.
  • Adding more photos will not help unless you optimize them.

You may have noticed that I have mentioned “optimization” numerous times.  This is key to your success in using Houzz for marketing.

You must optimize your profile if you want people to find you.

You must optimize your photos if you want people to find them.

Want to win the Houzz – Best of Design award?

You can.

Winning this award will benefit you more than just the prestige of the award alone.  Winning this award consistently means that you have optimized your photos and they can be found by people when they are searching.