How to Get the Most Out of Houzz

How to Get the Most Out of Houzz

People often ask us how to get the most out of Houzz.

The answer is simple.

Use Houzz efficiently and increase your organic impressions on Houzz.

Doing this will help your company generate more impressions and ultimately will generate leads and even sales for your company.

But wait, it is not that simple.

What we have found is that most companies do not understand what they need to do to be success in using Houzz for marketing.  Sure, they have a profile.  But their profile is most likely “weak” and does not generate many impressions for the company either with their images or their profile.

Getting the most out of Houzz involves taking advantage of many different things on Houzz and elsewhere such as your website.  We will discuss several different topics that companies should focus on in order to more successfully use Houzz for marketing.

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When it comes to your Houzz profile it is important to create a strong profile.  A strong profile is one that is complete and has been optimized for local searches.  Local searches are searches that people do for contractors.

Another, often overlooked, aspect that you should be addressing is reviews.  You should be getting past clients to write reviews for your company on Houzz.  Recent clients are the most valuable and will help your profile in many ways.  This is also how you can win the Best of Houzz – Service award.  You simply need to get more than 3 recent client reviews in a year.


Your projects on Houzz are important.  Do not try to organize your photos into galleries on Houzz!  Each project should be just that, a project!

Optimize your prjects and their photos so that they can be found!  This is a big opportunity.

Drive Traffic to your Website

There are different ways that you can help drive people to your website from Houzz.  This can be some of the best website traffic for your company.  These are people interested in remodeling their existing home or building a new home.

Houzz Tools

Houzz offers various tools that you can take advantage of.  The Houzz Facebook tab is a great way to add your projects to your Facebook page.

Our favorite is:

Save to Houzz Button

This is a button that you can add to galleries on your website.  It gives people the ability to save your images to their ideabooks on Houzz.  All from your website.  Make it easy for people to save your images.

Here is an example of what one of our clients was able to achieve by participating in our Houzz Marketing Program.

% of Organic Profile Impressions


% Increase

# of Organic Profile Impressions


% Increase

Total Profile


% Increase