How to Attract More New Clients from Houzz

How to Attract More New Clients from Houzz is a great platform for people who are looking to remodel their existing home or to build a new home.  It has great features for collaboration, once you have a new client, and you should be using it to generate very high-quality leads.  Houzz can provide your business with great leads, but only if you take advantage of it.

Important Note: Companies do attract new clients from Houzz.  We have helped our clients generate millions of dollars in new business from Houzz.  If you are not setting the world on fire with all of your Houzz leads then most likely you fall into the situation that many companies find themselves in and unfortunately they do not think that they are doing anything wrong.  Some even think that Houzz is not good for generating new leads.

Having a profile on Houzz and even paying for added exposure does not guarantee positive results.

The only way to guarantee results is for you to take action.

After I explain the ways that you can attract new clients I will give two examples of clients who have benefited from applying these principles and have successfully attracted many new clients from Houzz.

Take advantage of Houzz in Google Results

I am not sure if you have noticed this.  If you Google many home-related searches which are location-based you will most likely see Houzz in the top positions of the organic results on Google.  They are not always #1 but they are typically on the first page of results and often in the top 3 organic positions.  Why is this important?  The top 3 organic results on Google receive over 60% of the clicks!  Here is the thing though.  You can only use this to your benefit if you dominate your category on Houzz.  If you are #1 for your desired cities in your category then this will benefit you.

By the way, this should not be the extent of your Local SEO strategy.  Your website should be ranked in the top 3 organic positions as well!  Imagine if your profile ranked #1 for a certain city on Houzz and your website shows up in the top 3 organic results on Google.  This would be dominating 2 of the top 3!  When we help clients with Local SEO our goal is to dominate all 3 of the top organic positions on Google.  It can be done!  One of our clients even saved $10k per month by being able to eliminate ads that were not effective.

Here is an example of a search:

The first organic result is for Houzz.  This only benefits you if you are highly ranked on Houzz.

houzz google

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Make It Easy for People to Find Your Photos

Another way to attract clients on Houzz is to have them find your photos.  I consider this to be less important as dominating your category, as those people are specifically looking for companies, but should still be addressed.

Simply having a profile on Houzz and adding photos from projects does mean that people will be able to find them.  Sure they can find them if they are on your profile but if you want more people to find you then your photos need to be discoverable in searches.

You can get an idea of how discoverable your photos are if you look at the number of people who have saved your photos to their ideabooks.  Is it low?  When I say “low” I mean less than 25,000.

The number of people who save your photos to their ideabooks also is part of how they determine if you will win the “Best of Houzz – Design” award.  So a good indication that your photos cannot be found are:

  1. Low number of saves to ideabooks
  2. You rarely, if ever, win the “Best of Houzz – Design” award

The only way for you to make it easier for people to find your photos is to optimize them!  By the way, adding keywords to your photos is not optimizing them!  It is part of what needs to be done and it should be done so as to make the keywords relevant to each and every photo.  If you have a photo that does not have a refrigerator in the photo then DO NOT use “refrigerator” as a keyword!  This is a complex topic and we cannot go into great depth here.  If you want more info let us know.

Dominate Your Category for All Cities That Matter to You

This is the most important aspect of generating clients from Houzz, in my opinion.

These are people who are specifically looking for companies like yours!

You have to dominate your category on Houzz if you want to attract clients!

The closer you are to being #1 the more likely it is that people will find you!

So here is how to be successful in dominating your category on Houzz for all of the cities that matter to you.

  1. You have to understand what your existing current organic rank is for every city in your “Areas Served”
  2. You need to put together actionable data which allows you to dominate your category for every city that you want
  3. You need to take action

Did you know that for most categories on Houzz the only way to be ranked #1 is organically?

Here is how we do this for clients:

We’ve created our own JPI Houzz Dashboard.  So we create one for each client Houzz profile.

Our dashboard includes the current rank for the client for every city in their “Areas Served”.

Then our dashboard contains actionable data explaining what needs to be done in order to be ranked #1 for each city.

This actionable data has allowed us to help clients achieve hundreds of #1 rankings for clients.  In fact, one of our clients has over 100 #1 rankings!

We update our clients’ dashboard every month as things on Houzz are not static and are constantly changing.

We do provide a way for companies to get this same information so they can benefit as well.  Read more here.

Examples of Successes

We helped one company in Chicago dominate their category on Houzz.  They are ranked #1 for every city within a 50-mile radius.  We also helped them implement a successful Local SEO strategy.

They have generated more than $1,500,000 in new business from Houzz.

We helped a cabinet dealer achieve 29 #1 organic rankings.  In 2017 they sold 6 new projects from Houzz.

Remember, just because you are not currently generating sales from Houzz it does not mean that you can’t.  It means that you are not maximizing your marketing efforts which will enable you to generate leads and sales.