Houzz Searches on Google

Houzz Searches on Google

What do people search for on Google related to Houzz?

We were curious so we did some research.

We wanted to see what the most popular searches are in Google.

So here is what we found:

In the United States

Popular Search Terms:

  • Houzz kitchen
  • Houzz bathroom
  • Houzz furniture
  • Houzz kitchens
  • Houzz lighting
  • Houzz bathrooms
  • Houzz vanity
  • Houzz bedroom
  • Houzz living room

Remember, these are search terms that people are searching for using Google.

We wanted to zoom in on the most popular searches related to the first one, Houzz kitchen.

Most Popular Search Terms Related to “Houzz Kitchens”:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • houzz kitchen cabinets
  • kitchen ideas
  • houzz kitchens
  • houzz kitchen island
  • houzz kitchen backsplash
  • houzz kitchen islands
  • houzz bathrooms

What does all of this mean?

Well, you can use this kind of data when you are optimizing your website for organic searches for the search engines and you can use this data when you are optimizing your Houzz profile.

Data provided by Google