Houzz Marketing for Dealers, Franchisees & Enterprise

Houzz Marketing for Dealers, Franchisees & Enterprise

Houzz.com presents a tremendous opportunity for companies to market to people who are interested in remodeling their existing homes or those who are interested in building a new home.

In this article we want to address the even bigger enterprise opportunity that many organizations have access to.  This opportunity is “Enterprise Houzz Marketing”.

This opportunity exists for companies that sell products or services through a network of dealers, franchisees or simply multiple locations.

Here is Your Opportunity:

Increasing sales, enterprise-wide, from Houzz by increasing lead generation for all of your dealers, franchisees, or locations.

Here is the Problem:

In many cases, organizations that have dealers, franchisees, or multiple locations, do not provide assistance in helping each of their affiliates achieve marketing success from Houzz.  Simply providing a marketing co-op for the Houzz Pro+ advertising is not the solution as it does not provide enough exposure for the affiliates.

Photo Exposure on Houzz:

Definition: Photo Exposure – when people find your photos when they are searching for ideas for their project on Houzz.

Here is an example.  This company has a Pro+ Houzz profile (paid advertising).  In 2016 they generated a total of 2,637,268 photo impressions for projects that they had done.  Great!  Right?  Well yes, but let’s look at where these photo impressions came from, namely either paid (promoted) or free (organic).  Their promoted photos generated only 6% of these impressions or 158,237.  They received 2,479,031 organic photo impressions which was 94% of their total photo impressions.

For them, as well as all users of Houzz, these organic photo impressions do not just come magically without you doing something.  You must optimize your photos so they will be more likely to show up when people are searching for ideas.

Often companies believe that if they are paying Houzz for Pro+ that there is nothing else that they need to do.  This is wrong.  What happens is that they end up missing out on the bigger opportunity – Organic Exposure on Houzz.

Profile Exposure on Houzz:

Definition: Profile Exposure – when people are searching for companies, in categories, based on location, and see your profile in the search results.  Your position in search results is determined by a Houzz algorithm.  Results are based on a number of factors for organic results.  Paid profile exposure is when Houzz randomly inserts your profile in the search results.  For most categories, the promoted placement of profiles occurs in the even number positions such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.  Organic positions are typically the odd numbered positions such as 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.  In many categories the only way to be ranked #1 is organically.

When people are searching for companies it is imperative that your dealers, francisees, or locations show up as high as possible in the search results.  Did you know that the top 3 organic positions in Google searches receive over 60% of all clicks?  The higher you are in the search results the more likely it is that people will click on your profile!

The great opportunity, as it relates to profile ranking, is that changes that you make to your profile affect the results almost instantly!  Optimizing a Houzz profile for better profile rankings often involves the least amount of work and should be considered the low-hangin fruit when it comes to Houzz marketing.  Because of this, this optimization is priority #1 when we help clients.

Our same client that we used in the Photo Impressions example above was able to achieve the following:

  • #1 profile ranking for over 100 cities in their category

These #1 profile rankings are for every one of their desired searches.

Has our Houzz Marketing Program helped this client?  They have generate lots of leads from Houzz which has resulted in numerous sales in excess of $1,000,000.

The Solution:

Ultimately the solution is to help all of your dealers, franchisees, or locations to increase their Organic Exposure for their profile and their photos.  This will lead to more leads and sales for them from Houzz.

Here is how we solve the problem:

We have designed and implemented enterprise solutions for clients.  These solutions include programs customized to help specific clients based on their particular situation and needs.

The main goals in our Houzz marketing programs:

  1. Increasing organic photo exposure
  2. Increasing organic profile exposure

In order to help organizations we have developed webinars, conducted seminars, workshops and our proprietary program resources.

Program resources include:

  • 24/7 access to resources online
  • Monthly updated reports

An example of our reports is our “Organic Ranking Report”.  This report shows each of your dealers their current profile rankings for all of their desired cities in their category.  We take it a step further, we also include information on exactly what a company needs to do in order to be ranked #1 for each and every city that they desire.

Our solution involves educating your dealers rather than just creating an ongoing expense for advertising with poor results.

Enterprise Results:

Enterprise clients receive massive improvements for all of their dealers.  Imagine if you could help each of your dealers generate more sales!  No need to imagine.

You can help your dealers or franchisees achieve better marketing results from Houzz!  We can do this with measurable results!

Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from Houzz.