Houzz Local Marketing

Houzz Local Marketing

How does your company rank for local searches on Houzz?

You should rank high for searches in your category for all of your local markets.

If you don’t then we need to talk.

We help companies rank high organically (with no cost from Houzz).

Did you know that for many categories on Houzz you can only be ranked #1 organically?

If you do not know how you rank then you should check it out.  Go to Houzz.com and do a search for professionals in your category.  Customize your search by selecting your local markets.  Then just look through the results and see where you show up organically.  Sponsored does not count.

Your goal, whether you are Pro+ or not, should be to rank high for all of your local markets.

If you do not rank high then you have a problem.  People cannot find you!