Houzz Local Marketing Solutions

Houzz Local Marketing Solutions

Houzz.com offers a Houzz local marketing solutions – Pro+.

With Pro+ you receive enhanced profile placement.  This means that your profile is randomly placed in one of the even number results when people are searching your categories on Houzz.  Location enters into the mix as when you sign up for Houzz Pro+ you have to select your desired areas.  You pay for each area.

What if there was a better way to target local searches on Houzz that does not involve paying Houzz and allows you to generate better exposure.  What if this other way to target local searches allowed you to attain #1 profile rankings for all of your target markets.

Forget What If!

The key is organic results.  Organic results cost you nothing.  No monthly payments to Houzz.

Here is how they work:

Whenever someone does a search for professionals in their desired location, Houzz displays organic and paid results.

Organic Results:

Organic results start with position #1 and are all of the odd-numbered results.  Your placement within these results are determined by things that you can change.  For the most part, your inclusion in the organic results are based on the strength of your Houzz profile.  They never cost you anything.

Paid Results:

Paid results start with position #2 and are all of the even-numbered results for a given search.

Leveraging Organic Results

Most companies do not take advantage of the (free) organic results on Houzz because they simply don’t know what to do.

We’ve helped many companies take advantage of the organic results on Houzz.  In fact, we have created a couple of marketing programs that companies can use to leverage these organic results.  Learn more: http://client.jpinnovates.com/houzz-marketing-programs/

When it comes to achieving more “local” marketing success we have conducted hundreds of local searches and in fact have an understanding of how the Houzz algorithm works.  In both of our programs we tell you how Houzz determines which profiles to display.  We tell you how to know what you need to do to be ranked #1 for your category and for all of your target markets.

Does it work?

Our Version of Houzz Local Marketing Solutions

Here is an example of what one of our clients was able to achieve using our Houzz marketing programs.

In this example, the company was paying Houzz as part of the Pro+ program.  When they started our program they had 19% of their Profile Impressions from organic and 81% from paid.  After a couple of months in our program their Profile Impressions are now 59% organic and 41% paid.

What we did was to identify their target markets.  We then helped them optimize their Houzz profile so that they would show up higher in the organic results.  By the way, in most cases the changes see immediate results.

Here is a table which shows their key markets and where they were ranked organically before our optimization and where they were ranked immediately following our optimization.

Houzz Local Marketing Solutions (organic)

Houzz local marketing solutions results

You can see that for all of their target markets they had an immediate improvement.

The “Rank Before Optimization” was with them being a Pro+ (paying) member of Houzz.

This particular client spent less than 1 hour in the optimization process.

You can see that they attained many #1 profile rankings!


Pro+ cannot even provide you with #1 rankings!

So did this help them to increase their Houzz profile exposure?  Let’s take a look!

Here are some of the numbers related to “local searches” and their profile.

Houzzz local marketing solutions increases

These numbers are amazing!  A few items worth mentioning:

  • Their % of Organic Profile Impressions increased 210% while paid dropped 49% during the same time period.
  • The number of Organic Profile Impressions increased 683% while paid only increased 27% during the same time period.
  • They increased their total number of Profile Impressions by 152% .
  • Their total # of Organic Profile Clicks increased 178% .

All of these numbers would not have been possible for them unless they participated in our Houzz marketing program.

Without the increases that we helped them achieve, they would have be relegated to accept the results from the Pro+ (paid) plan gives them.

So if you are looking for Houzz local marketing solutions you should consider our Houzz marketing programs as they will provide you with added exposure on Houzz without having to incur any additional ongoing monthly costs.