Houzz for Companies with Multiple Locations

Houzz for Companies with Multiple Locations

We can help companies that have multiple locations dominate searches on Houzz.  We can do this without the need to incur ongoing charges from Houzz.  Exactly who we can do this for and how we do it varies depending on the type of business and their exact circumstances.  You may have several company-owned locations or you could have many locations that are franchises.  You may be a manufacturer and have many dealers that are selling your products.

Enterprise Houzz Marketing

We feel that our approach is fairly unique and has been creating amazing success stories.  Our enterprise solutions allow many different types of businesses to take advantage of organic marketing on Houzz.  You see, you basically have a couple of different options when determining what your enterprise Houzz marketing strategy is.

  1. You can create a co-op advertising program with Houzz which does nothing to help you generate longterm success without having a recurring cost.
  2. You can create a organic-based Houzz marketing strategy (our specialty) that offers instant results which are ongoing and involves no recurring costs.


If you have multiple locations or sell through dealers then you can:

  1. Do nothing to help your locations or dealers dominate Houzz.
  2. Establish an advertising co-op which creates an ongoing dependancy of pay-to-play for your locations.
  3. You can help your locations or dealers build a foundation of Houzz marketing that is based on organic exposure which does not have any ongoing costs for your dealers or you.

How do we do this?

We can leverage our knowledge of the Houzz search algorithm and our knowledge of organic optimization of Houzz profiles to offer your company the ability to show up for searches in your category for multiple locations.

This can be especially tricky to do when you are talking about hundreds of independantly owned locations or dealers.

We have figured this out.

We have built Houzz Organic Marketing Programs that can be launched by hundreds of companies which are supported by webinars, workshops, resources, one-on-one assistance and technical help.

This is the big opportunity!

Most companies haven’t even figured this out yet.

Help your dealers be more successful in using Houzz to generate more leads and sales.  If you help them reach more people your sales should increase.

Certainly, not helping them is not helping to generate more sales, is it?

Let’s help them dominate Houzz and drive increased sales.

We can help them be found!

We know are methods work!

Here is an example of some results achieved by a dealer.  They are participating in our Houzz optimization programs which are being offered to dealers from their manufacturer.

advertising on houzz

Massive Organic Exposure

By optimizing their profile for local searches (organically) for their category and their target markets, we were able to help them achieve instant results that dramatically improved their exposure on Houzz.

This was done completely using our enterprise programs and incurred no additional cost from Houzz.

houzz marketing

We welcome the chance to discuss your situation and how we can help you leverage organic Houzz marketing to increase expsoure for your company.

You may be missing a great opportunity!