Help Your Franchisees or Dealers Generate Leads from Houzz

Help Your Franchisees or Dealers Generate Leads from Houzz

Houzz should be a platform for your franchisees or dealers to generate more high-quality leads and sales.

Are they happy with the quality or number of leads that they are generating from it?

Ask them.  I suspect that if you did you would find out:

  • they are not happy
  • they do not generate enough leads
  • they do not generate enough sales from it

We have surveyed some and found these things to be true.

Here is What They Are Missing

They miss out on tons of exposure.

If you want to generate sales from Houzz then you have to dominate your category for all of your cities!

Actual Client Results

One of our clients has generated over $1.5mm worth of sales and has a constant stream of leads coming from Houzz.  They have done this because they dominate their category!  Their profile is ranked #1 (organically) for every city within a 50-mile radius of their location.

Your Franchisees or Dealers Need Help

They need actionable data and the education to arm them with the ability to dominate.

By the way, what they don’t need is to simply pay for advertising and think they they are maximizing their results.  In many cases, simply paying, actually has a negative effect as it makes them believe that they are getting the best exposure when, in reality, they are not.

The Actionable Data That They Need

We have a developed a program which provides each of your franchisees or dealers with their very own Organic Ranking Initiative Report.  This report includes data related specifically to their profile, their category, and their cities.  We provide their current organic profile rank for every city in their “Areas Served”.  Here is the actionable part!  We also provide them with specific details on what they need to do in order to achieve the highest organic profile rank for each city.  In many categories on Houzz the only way to be ranked #1 is organically.

Educating Your Franchisees or Dealers

Your franchisees or dealers are busy.  We get that.  What we have done is to make the actionable report self explanatory.  We tell them exactly what they need to do.  In case they need a little more help we conduct webinars for them (which are completely optional).

Measuring Their Success

The ultimate way to measure their success is from looking at the sales that they generate.

We provide you with much more data though.  After they have had a chance to implement changes we then run their reports again.

We provide you with a complete summary report.

This is not the extent of how we help companies generate more, real marketing success from Houzz but our Organic Ranking Initiative is one way that you can effectively and efficiently help all of your franchisees or dealers.

Our program minimizes the amount of time that they need to devote to it.

It also will provide your organization with a cost-effective program which yields an extremely high ROI.

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