Get More Data From Google Analytics & Houzz

Get More Data From Google Analytics & Houzz

If you have a Houzz profile here is a little trick to get more data from Google Analytics.

There are several places on your profile that you have links to your website:

  • Your main profile
  • Project descriptions
  • Photos

Knowing which links are generating referral traffic to your website can be helpful.

Here is something that you can do:

  1. Use as the link to your website in your profile.
  2. Use as the link to your website in your project descriptions.

Advanced Approach: Adding Parameters

Main Profile Link:

Here is where your “Main Profile Link” is:

If you want to make it even easier you can add a parameter to the URL in your main profile.  So you could use as the link to your website (in your “Public Business Information”).

Project Links:

Here is where your project links are:

For the link in your Project Description it is a little trickier.  You do not want to just put a link with the parameter visble.  You should create some HTML with the link so that it does not appear any different visually but links to the URL with the parameter added.

The HTML would look like this:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” forbidden_rel=”noopener”></a>

This will add the parameter of ref=houzzprojects to your links and this will be visible in Google Analytics.

To view in Google Analytics: Google Analytics>Acquisition>Social>Overview>Houzz.

You should see some sessions that have as the “shared URL”.  These are the links from the “Website” link on your profile.

If you see some that have as the “shared URL” those are from your project descriptions.

**Please note: your must replace “yourwebsite” with your actual website.**

A Further Note:

You could even add a more complex parameter which would identify the specific project by add a parameter like this this: ?ref=houzzproject#123.