Generate Leads with a Houzz Marketing Strategy

Generate Leads with a Houzz Marketing Strategy

You can use Houzz to generate leads for your business.  In this article we will explain how we help companies who have profiles on Houzz maximize their marketing results from Houzz.

Disclaimer: the information here is based on our work with actual clients who have profiles on Houzz.  Our clients have generated millions of dollars in sales for new projects that they have generated leads for from Houzz.  Your results may vary.

Houzz Marketing Strategy

When developing your “Houzz Marketing Strategy” it is important to understand that when it comes to Houzz you are not just marketing on Houzz.  Houzz marketing is related to your Search Engine Marketing as well.  Houzz marketing is, or at least it should be, part of your content marketing strategy as well.  This means that your Houzz marketing strategy does not just deal with Houzz itself but rather is an integral part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.  Our clients receive a Digital Marketing Strategy which does include Houzz, not only as a marketing channel, but as key component of their digital marketing strategy.

This is important.  If you like at Houzz as a standalone marketing channel then you are not taking full advantage of it.  If I had to guess I would say that you are most likely disappointed with your marketing results from Houzz.

Google & Houzz

You may have noticed that Houzz often appears in the top organic rankings on Google for searches.  Realizing this can help you understand that you need to dominate your category on Houzz.  Your profile shows up for a 50-mile radius of your location, organically, and if your profile is #1 then you will be the first company that people see when they click that link to Houzz on Google.

Content Marketing & Houzz

You can also use Houzz to increase your website’s exposure in the search results on Google.  People don’t typically realize this or take advantage of this but it can have a huge impact in high-quality traffic to your website.

When we work with clients we optimize their websites so that they show up high organically for searches on Google.  These are often the same searches that Houzz shows up for.  By taking it a step further you can basically dominate the top 3 organic search results on Google with your website, Houzz (if you are #1), and your website again.  We have had results for clients where they were #1, #2 & #3 on Google!

Did you know that the top 3 organic search results on Google receive over 60% of the clicks?

Dominate Your Category

This is one of the most important aspects to effective Houzz marketing.  You have to dominate your category.  Your profile needs to rank as high as possible for your key cities.

Don’t just settle for mediocre rankings – you won’t generate sales.

One of our clients dominates their category and for every city in a 50-mile radius.  They generate lots of leads and have sold over $1.5mm worth of new projects from Houzz.  They have done this because we have developed their marketing strategy based on “Growth Hacking”.  We have run dozens of marketing experiments and measured the results.  They can even see the results in their marketing dashboard.  We have figured out ways to leverage Houzz so that they can maximize their results.  It works.

Data & More Data

When we help clients with their marketing we use data.  We use data to measure the effectiveness of various tactics and we create and use actionable data to achieve even better results.  We use data from Houzz.  we use data from Google Analytics.  We use data from their lead and sale database.

Marketing Dashboard

All of our clients receive a marketing dashboard.  The dashboard incorporates this various data including data from Google Analytics and Houzz related to Houzz.

Our clients know what their organic profile rank is for every city that matters to them.  Our actionable data also enables us to improve their organic profile rankings to the highest possible rank which in many cases is #1.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy & Houzz

If you want to get the best marketing results from Houzz you need to think about it differently.

Don’t just think of it as an independent marketing channel.

You need to completely integrate it into your overall digital marketing strategy and not simply as a standalone marketing channel.  If you don’t think a little outside-the-box then you will be less likely to maximize your marketing efforts.

Read more about how we do this for clients here.

Enterprise Houzz Marketing

Companies that have a dealer network or franchisees have an opportunity that can help all of their companies.

We have developed special enterprise Houzz marketing programs that can help your dealers or franchisees get more out of Houzz.

Contact us to learn more.