Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing Data

Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing Data

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It is one of 6 articles in our series on Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing.

I am a big believer in leveraging data whenever possible to improve marketing results.

When companies are launching digital marketing efforts it is important for them to acquire data from their marketing. This is especially true when you are talking about enterprise marketing efforts and I believe especially if we are discussing Houzz and your dealers’ marketing efforts on Houzz.

I am going to categorize this data into three categories:

  1. Data with no current apparent value
  2. Data which can be used to measure the success of your marketing efforts
  3. Data which can help you achieve better results

It is worth discussing each of these and I will explain how it relates to your dealers’ Houzz marketing efforts.

Data with no current apparent value

You may be collecting some marketing data that does not appear to have any current value. That does not mean that you should not be collecting it. But of the 3 different types of data this one is the least important to you right now.

Data which can be used to measure the success of your marketing efforts

This data is key when you are looking to see if your marketing efforts were successful. How many leads do your dealers generate from Houzz each month? What is dealer A’s organic profile ranking for each city in their “Areas Served”? How have they improved their average rank this quarter?

This is the second most important data to you.

Data which can help you achieve better results

This is the most valuable data to you. This data can help you achieve better marketing results from using Houzz for marketing. This, for many companies, is elusive. They do not possess this data. (They can if they talk to me!)

This data is what we help clients leverage. Data which can help you improve your marketing results.

Here is how we give companies this most valuable data.

When we work with enterprise clients and help them with their enterprise Houzz marketing we have a proprietary program called “Organic Ranking Initiative”.

The JPI Organic Ranking Initiative is a program that helps all of the dealers for an enterprise by providing them with data and the knowledge to use this data. In this case one part of the “data” is the current organic profile rankings for every city in a dealer’s “Area Served”. The exciting aspect to this data is the actionable data – we explain what a dealer can do in order to achieve the highest organic rankings in their category for every city in their “Areas Served”. In many categories on Houzz this happens to be #1.

Please note: the data that we provide is not data that is available to you from Houzz. We have developed this program based on years of working with clients on Houzz and extensive research that allows us to provide this actionable data.

The JPI Houzz Marketing Programs are not endorsed by Houzz®. Houzz is a registered trademark of Houzz Inc.

Which types of marketing data are you collecting from your Houzz marketing?

Data with no apparent value?

Data which just measures your results?


Actionable data which helps you achieve better enterprise marketing results?

If your enterprise is not receiving actionable data related to your Houzz marketing then perhaps you are missing out. My feeling is that your organization does not need to settle for what is given to them but rather you can achieve more by being in charge of your own destiny.

“ Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever they might be.” – Lakshmi Mittal, chairman & CEO of ArcelorMittal

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JP Innovation is a independent marketing company that helps companies leverage organic marketing opportunities with Houzz, LinkedIn, Google and other platforms.

The JPI Houzz Marketing Programs are not endorsed by Houzz. Houzz is a registered trademark of Houzz Inc.