Developing a Houzz .com Marketing Strategy

Developing a Houzz .com Marketing Strategy

Does your company have a profile on

Consider Developing a Houzz Marketing Strategy

If you sell your products or services to homeowners or people who are interested in remodeling their home or building a new home then is the perfect place for your company to be marketing. has 36 million monthly active uers who are interested in construction.
They are actively looking for ideas and contractors.
This presentation helps explain some key points related to Houzz marketing and developing a Marketing Strategy.
Companies can use Houzz more effectively for marketing if they think about what they are doing and develop a Houzz marketing strategy.


When it comes to developing a Houzz marketing strategy companies should focus on ways to reach more people on Houzz.
How do you do this?
There are two main ways to gain more exposure for your company on Houzz:
  • Profile Impressions
  • Photo Impressions

Companies should do what they can to increase their organic impressions (unpaid).  You can do this in various ways.

Simply relying on paid impressions from Houzz advertising will not generate the most number of impressions.

You should also seek to get past clients to write reviews for your company on Houzz.  This increases the strength of your profile and can even increase your exposure.

We’ve developed a Houzz Marketing Program where we help you increase your exposure on Houzz.  Learn more here.

Enterprise – Manufacturers, Associations, Retailers

Organizations that have multiple Houzz profiles, such as dealers for manufacturers, present another opportunity.  Think about this.  If you are a manufacturer and you have dealers and both you and your dealers have profiles on Houzz what kind of strategy for Houzz marketing should you create?

Should you be focusing on your own Houzz profile or should you be helping your dealers succeed with their Houzz marketing?  Well, we would suggest that your Houzz marketing strategy include ways for you to leverage the power of Houzz for your company and certainly you should be helping your dealers succeed with Houzz by helping them generate more impressions from Houzz.  By the way, simply adopting a co-op program with Houzz does not help your dealers succeed.  It simply creates a dependency on paid exposure.  This is not a long term strategy.

We have developed a program for enterprise clients.

Our Houzz Marketing Program involves:

  • Industry-specific research involving the use of Houzz by your competitors
  • Helping you create a Houzz Marketing Strategy specific to your company and your network
  • One-on-one assistance for your dealers
  • Education for your dealers
  • Resources for your dealers
  • Dashboards for your dealers showing their successes

Read more about our Houzz Marketing Program.