Changes Houzz Dashboard

Changes Houzz Dashboard

Houzz recently made some changes to the Houzz dashboard which is available to Pro+ (paid) members.

We wanted to explain what they changed and what these changes mean to you.

Here is what the old Houzz dashboard looked like:

old Houzz dashboard

Here is the new Houzz dashboard:

Houzz Dashboard

The Overall Metrics Table in the Houzz dashboard has changed as well.

Now let’s go over the specific changes:

Profile Views

  • What was called “Profile Clicks” in the old dashboard is now called “Profile Views”.

This is not a big change as data is the same.

Photo Impressions, Profile Impressions & Impressions

  • What was called “Photo Impressions” and what was called “Profile Impressions” have been combined to form “Impressions”.

This is a huge change.  You no longer have the breakdown of Photo Impressions or Profile Impressions as well as the breakdown of percentages for paid and organic.  For many companies those numbers and percentages were vastly different.  Is the data simpler? Sure, but I do not beleieve that this is a good thing.  You can no longer see how changes to your profile affect your “Profile Impressions” number or percentages.  

Overall Metrics

The overall metrics table of data has changed as well.  You no longer have the breakdown of Photo Impressions or Profile Impressions.  Additionally, Houzz has added “Contact Professional” to the data.  Here is there explanation of what this is: ” Contacts include email messages and phone calls generated from your Houzz profile.”

A note about this: the phone calls generated are only included if you use the Houzz trackable phone number.

So what do you think about these changes?