Cabinet Dealer Dominates Houzz Searches

Cabinet Dealer Dominates Houzz Searches

A current client of JP Innovation and participant in the JPI Houzz Optimization Program has achieved something amazing!

They have achieved 28 #1 Profile Rankings in their category on Houzz for their target cities.  Of their “area served” cities this is all but one and they are #3 for that one!

So they are ranked #1 for 96.5% of their target markets on Houzz.

“Our Houzz experience in general has grown exponentially since the Houzz Optimization Program began. It’s way easier getting feedback/information from Jim than it is our Houzz Pro+ Account managers.  

Results are immediate with the plan that Jim and his team detail for you to implement. You have to find and make the time to do it, but if you do the results are worth it. I’ve been spending about 5 hours a week on our Houzz account and it’s really paid off.”

The Importance of Being #1

Being ranked #1 is not just a vanity thing and it does not simply happen by accident.

For this cabinet dealer, their efforts in optimizing their Houzz profile has really paid off.

We’ve help them by prioritizing the things that they need to do to their Houzz profile in order to have a highly optimized Houzz profile.

Being ranked #1 really does improve the chances that someone will go to your profile.  While we do not have data related to rank on Houzz and CTR’s we do have data from Google.

Do you think that the same stats apply to Houzz searches?

In our opinion, we say yes.  Obviously, being ranked high does increase the likelihood that someone will click on your profile.

We did more research into the value of being highly ranked on Houzz and how it affects a company’s marketing results and here is what we found.

Being highly ranked does affect your lead generation from Houzz.

Here are some stats from another company that is participating in the JP Innovation Houzz Optimization Program:

Take a look at this company’s profile rankings before and immediately after optimization:

Here is how these improved profile rankings on Houzz affected their exposure:

And finally here is how their leads have increased as a result of these improved rankings: