5 Things That You Should Not Do To Succeed on Houzz

5 Things That You Should Not Do To Succeed on Houzz

Houzz is a great website.  It can be a big help to people who are looking for ideas for their construction project.  It can also make it easy for people to find the companies that can make their dreams come true.  This is the beautiful part for you!  That is, if you take advantage of Houzz and use it to generate leads for your business.

I was thinking about Houzz (when am I not, right?) and realized from talking with various people that often the way that people think can have a negative impact on their marketing success from Houzz.  Here is one example, I was speaking with an interior designer and she felt that their 20 projects that they had on Houzz “were enough” and that those should be able to show people the types of work that they do.  This is the wrong mentality to have.

In this article I will explain 5 things that you should not do if you want to be successful in using Houzz for marketing.

1. Don’t Rely on Paid Exposure

Look at the pie graphs above.  These are real numbers from one of our clients.  Only 1% of their “Impressions” are from paid promotions on Houzz.  Only 2% of their “Profile Views” are from paid exposure.  You see, there are things that you can do to improve your “organic” exposure and it can have a major impact on your exposure on Houzz.  This client generates lots of high-quality leads from Houzz.  In fact, they have sold over $1.5M in projects from it.  They didn’t achieve this exposure from just relying on the Houzz paid programs.  We worked for it.  We have their profile optimized so that they are ranked #1 for every city within a 50-mile radius.  You can’t do that by paying Houzz.

“This is probably the most common and biggest mistake that people make.  They think that they are paying Houzz so they are getting the most out of it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.”

2. Don’t Stop Adding Projects

How many projects is enough on your Houzz profile?  The answer is that you cannot ever have enough.  People don’t use Houzz like your website.  Most importantly Houzz uses your prjects to determine how to rank you.  So don’t ever think that you have enough.  You don’t.

3. Don’t Think You Have Enough Reviews

You have to constantly be adding new client reviews on Houzz.  This is extremely important.  You are constantly completing projects, right?  So constantly be adding new reviews.  Our client that we mentioned before has 79 reviews on Houzz.  It is still not enough!  Houzz also uses the number of reviews that you have to determine how to rank you.

4. Don’t Be Satisfied

Don’t be satisfied with how many leads you generate.  Don’t be satisfied with your rankings.  These are all things that you have control over if you want.  Be hungry.  Be competitive!  Dominate Houzz.  You can.

5. Don’t Make It Difficult on Your Website

You should make it easy for people who are on your website to get to your Houzz profile.  Make sure that your links open in separate tabs so you do not take people away from your website.  You can even make it easy for people to save images from your website to their ideabooks!

I want to encourage you.  You can use Houzz effectively or you can just settle for what you get.  If I were you I would not settle.