5 things to help you generate more sales from Houzz

5 things to help you generate more sales from Houzz

If you have a profile on Houzz there are some things that you can do to improve the marketing results that you are getting from Houzz.

Are you generating leads from Houzz?

Are you generating sales from Houzz?

You should be.

Get more client reviews

This is important.  Houzz has made the process easier recently.  People no longer need to create an account in order to write a review.  Did you know that the number of client reviews affects your organic rankings in the Houzz directories?  It does.  Build this into your process.

Add more projects to Houzz

People do not use Houzz like your website.  You cannot stop adding projects just because you think that you have “enough” projects on Houzz.  Simply adding more projects will not benefit you though if you do not optimize them.

Prioritize your actions to become more efficient

Don’t feel overwhelmed by Houzz.  You can minimize the amount of time that you spend on it and still get the best returns from it if you prioritize your efforts.  For example, don’t waste time posting updates on Houzz if you do not have a substantial number of people following you.

Don’t think that because your are paying Houzz that you are getting the most out of Houzz

Simply paying Houzz does not maximize your exposure on Houzz.  Plain and simple.  We’ve helped many companies, who were paying Houzz, drastically increase their exposure organically.  In fact, many have generated way more exposure organically.

Seek help if you want to dominate Houzz!!

I am not saying that you should call Houzz either.  We help companies dominate Houzz organically.

Do you think that Houzz will tell you what you need to do in order to rank #1 organically?

If you are a franchisee or a manufacturer’s dealer then you should pass along our info to someone at the parent company.  We have enterprise programs that can help you.  One example is our Organic Ranking Initiative.  In this program we tell you what your current organic rank is for every city in your “Areas Served”.  We then tell you what you can do in order to achieve the highest organic rank for each and every city.

Our Organic Ranking Initiative has had massive results for clients:

  • One cabinet dealer achieved 29 #1 organic profile rankings – they sold 6 new projects in 2017
  • One company achieved over 100 #1 organic profile rankings – they sold over $1,000,000 from Houzz

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These are just some of the things that you can do to be more successful in generating leads and sales from Houzz.

Contact us if you have any questions.