Organic Houzz Marketing for Dealers, Franchisees, & Stores with Multiple Locations

Organic Houzz Marketing for Dealers, Franchisees, & Stores with Multiple Locations

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Houzz presents a great marketing opportunity for your business if you are looking to market services or products related to homes.

Houzz has over 35,000,000 monthly active users who are interested in remodeling their existing home, building a new home, or are looking for companies to provide home-related services.

So the audience on Houzz may be your desired customers.

Key Point

There are things that you can do to improve your exposure on Houzz. These are things that provide measurable results as well. It is important to be able to measure your success.

If you are a manufacturer who sells through dealers, or a company that has a network of franchisees, or a home-related retailer with multiple locations then you have an incredible opportunity. You have to want to take advantage of Houzz and implement a strategy that works in order to really benefit though.

How can your organization benefit from Houzz – organically?

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. Say that you are a furniture retailer and you have 400 locations across the country and each of your locations has a Houzz profile.

Key Point

The trick is to help all of your locations dominate their local markets.

When people search the furniture category on Houzz you want to be ranked #1 in the directory, right? You can and it will help you improve your exposure. By the way, the only way to be ranked #1 in the furniture category, like many other categories, is to be ranked organically.

Each Houzz profile can include 50 cities in their “Areas Served” and you can rank #1 for all of these cities and more! You see, if a city is within 50 miles of your location your profile can show up. Do you want to be ranked #1 or #30?

By helping your 400 stores dominate Houzz organically you will multiply your efforts by 400!

Helping your enterprise.

So here is the way to measurably improve the exposure for all of your locations. Implement a strategy that minimizes the effort required by each of your locations and help them improve their rankings.

This is key.

You have to make it easy for your locations to succeed and this will only happen it you make it easy for them. You have to be proactive. Do you want to rely on your dealers to figure out what to do by themselves? Or would you rather help them.

How we help.

We’ve built enterprise organic Houzz marketing programs that help your enterprise succeed in generating more exposure and dominate Houzz for all of the enterprises’ dealers, franchisees, or locations.

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