Help Your Franchisees Generate Sales on

Help Your Franchisees Generate Sales on

Do your franchisees have profiles on

They better be if they are selling products or services to homeowners or people who are looking to remodel their existing home ir who are interested in building a new home.

If you have franchisees that can benefit from reaching these people then you have a tremendous opportunity.

You can help your franchisees generate sales from!

Helping your franchisees is key.

So how can you help them?

Simply paying Houzz for sponsored placement is not enough.

Your company should strive to dominate searches in your category on Houzz.  In order to do this you need to help all of your franchisees dominate in their category and for every city that they serve.

This is no easy task.  But it can be done.  It can be done organically so you do not need to pay for sponsored placement.

We have an enterprise program that helps companies who have franchisees do this – dominate Houzz.

It is the JPI Organic Ranking Initiative.

The JPI Organic Ranking Initiative helps all of your franchisees increase their exposure organically so that they generate more leads and sales.

Here is how this amazing program generates measurable results:

  1. We create an Organic Ranking Report for every one of your franchisees.  The Organic Ranking Report includes information specific to that franchisee.  It gives them their current organic rank for their category for each and every city in their “Areas Served”.  The report also explains specifically what they need to do in order to achieve the highest organic rank for each and every city.  Please note: in many categories the highest organic rank is position #1.
  2. We hold webinars so that your franchisees can get a complete understanding of the report and what they need to do.
  3. Then after 30 days we run the reports again.  We send them to your franchisees.  This way they can see what an impact their efforts have had on their organic rankings.  You receive information via an online dashboard with information about each franchisee.  This information can even be organized into territories for you.

This program will help your franchisees greatly improve their organic rankings on Houzz.  Plus it will educate them on what they can do in the future to achieve high rankings.

This is just one of the enterprise marketing programs which we have developed to help companies generate more leads and sales from Houzz.

This program has generated massive success for our clients. 

  • A cabinet dealer achieved 29 #1 organic rankings (every city in their area served) and sold 6 projects in 2017.
  • Another company achieved over 100 #1 organic profile rankings and sold over $1,000,000 in projects.

You can read about some of them here.

It is so successful because we provide you and your franchisees with data that allows them to be more successful by improving their rankings, organically.  Read more about this data here.

For a private consultation to discuss how this can work for your franchisees click here.

Note: The JPI Houzz marketing programs are not endorsed by Houzz.