Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing Strategy

Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing Strategy

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It is one of 6 articles in our series on Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing.

This article is the third article in our series of six articles about Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing.

This article is aimed at companies that sell products or services through a network of dealers or franchisees. Having such a network affords you a tremendous marketing opportunity. For your brand as well as for each of your dealers.

Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing Strategy

The Opportunity:

You can help your dealers increase the number of leads that they generate from Houzz. By doing so you will not only help your dealers but you will improve your bottom line from the improved sales by your dealers. Your dealers can receive more exposure on Houzz (organically) by improving their organic rankings of their profile and their photos.

The Strategy:

The best strategy for improving your marketing results from Houzz is one that leverages organic exposure. Organic exposure is how your profile and photos are displayed in searches which are based on the “strength” of your profile and optimization of your photos.

Btw, simplying paying Houzz for “sponsored” exposure is not enough. You can actually achieve more exposure by addressing your organic optimization.

For enterprise success you need to have a strategy that will help all of your dealers while minimizing the amount of time that they need to spend working on Houzz.

Our opinion is that the best strategy focuses on education that allows your dealers to benefit forever with no ongoing costs.

The Tactics:

When we help enterprise clients put together a strategy that will help them achieve the best results we look at various aspects of their business so that they can have a strategy that makes sense for them.

Here are some of the tactics that we use:

  1. Organic Ranking Initiative – this program helps an enterprises dealers by providing actionable reports which help them achieve measurable marketing results related to their rankings for searches in their category on Houzz. Our report lets each dealer know what their existing organic rankings are for ever city in their “Area Served” as well as providing them with information about what they need to do in order to achieve the highest organic rankings. Btw, in many categories on Houzz you can only be ranked #1 organically.
  2. Organic Optimization Program – this program helps educate dealers about how they can improve their exposure for their profile and photos. It is a one-on-one program that helps your dealers be most effective by prioritizing their efforts. This is typically a 12-month program that will educate your dealers so that they are less reliant on paying for sponsored exposure.
  3. Webinars, workshops, keynotes – we support all of our programs with educational aspects to make sure that dealers understand what to do and how to do it.

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