Use Local SEO to Show up for the Most Important Searches for Your Business

Use Local SEO to Show up for the Most Important Searches for Your Business

Did you know that you can use Local SEO to target customers?

These are people who are doing the most important searches related to your business.

Don’t rely on ads to target these searches when we can help you do this organically!

We have helped a couple of companies save $10,000 per month.  Money that they were just throwing out the window as far as I am concerned.  We helped them have their website show up organically for these very important searches.

We just helped a doctor.  We identified the most important keywords for the doctor and they told us what cities they wanted to target.  We did some work on their website and 10 days later they now show up organically for these important searches.  No cost for ads.

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The trick is to identify the two components of these searches:

  1. The keywords
  2. The cities to target

Once we help you do this then we configure your website to show up for these searches.


For the keywords you need to think like a person who would be searching for your type of business.  If you are an architect, then the keyword would most likely be “architects”.  If you are an interior designer then the keyword would be “interior designers”.  If you are a cabinet dealer then most likely you would like to target searches based on “kitchen designers”.  A little research using Google can confirm that you are targeting the best keywords.


Then you just need to identify the cities that you would like to target.  You may already have a list.  If you have a Houzz profile you can use the cities that you have in your “Areas Served”.  These do not have to even be cities that you have done work in but rather the cities that you want to do work in.

For Example

Let’s say that you are an architect and you want to attract clients in Wilmette.  Then the search that we would organically target would be “architects Wilmette”.

If your website does not show up in the first 3 organic results in Google for every city that matters to you then you are missing the boat!

By the way,  we have been doing this for many years for clients and have had a 100% success rate.  Every client we have done this for it has worked.