Leveraging Marketing Opportunities

Leveraging Marketing Opportunities

JP Innovation, Inc. works with companies and organizations as well as their agencies.

JPI helps companies identify and leverage specific marketing opportunities.

What are these marketing opportunities?

The answer is that it depends on the company, what they do, as well as how they can reach their customers.  JPI is adept at looking at how a company is currently marketing and finding ways to leverage the area which presents an opportunity.  Often these opportunities are right in front of a company but for various reasons they have not fully leveraged the opportunity.

Here are a couple of examples:

linkedin-marketingLinkedIn for businesses that market B2B.

I know what you are saying “We have a LinkedIn company page”.  Well simply having a company page is often not enough.

LinkedIn presents ways for companies to target people looking for companies that provide specific services.  We know how to improve exposure for companies that are trying to reach certain people without any added cost from LinkedIn.

houzz_logoHouzz for companies that are marketing products or services to people who are remodeling their home or who are looking to build a new home.

Our knowledge of Houzz has been leveraged by construction-related businesses (various types of contractors) as well as enterprise clients, namely manufacturers, that sell products through a network of dealers.  We are a Houzz Certified Marketing Consultant.


We assist contractors in fine-tuning their profiles so that they receive more exposure for their profile and their projects.  This is done by taking advantage of the “organic” (unpaid) features of Houzz.com.  Most companies do not know how to optimize their Houzz profile and projects so that they are more easily found by people.

Fortunately for Houzz, most companies create their profiles and since they do not show up high organically are forced into paying Houzz for added exposure.  Even if companies are paying Houzz they should not think that they are fully leveraging the power of Houzz.  We help companies receive more exposure from organic exposure and ultimately drive more leads and sales from Houzz.

This dashboard image shows the percentages and numbers of photo impressions for one of JPI’s clients.  You can see that the vast majority of their photo impressions (94%) come from organic (no cost from Houzz) exposure.  If they were not addressing the organic and simply paying Houzz in the last year they would have had 154,000 photo impressions from paid exposure and missed the bigger opportunity from organic exposure that generated 2,418,730 photo impressions without any cost from Houzz.


Did you know that for many categories of contractors on Houzz the only way to have your profile rank #1 for local searches is organically?

We know what it takes to rank #1 for local searches.  In fact, that is one of the things that we teach our clients.  Does it work?

Yes.  In fact, we have one client that has a Houzz profile that ranks #1 for over 100 cities in their target market.


If a manufacturer makes products for homes such as windows, flooring, cabinets, lighting, etc. and sells their products through a network of dealers they have an amazing opportunity.  We’ve created enterprise marketing programs for manufacturers that allow all of their dealers to succeed in leveraging the power of Houzz for marketing.  Imagine if you are a manufacturer and you have 500 dealers.  Help those 500 dealers in leveraging Houzz (without any added cost from Houzz) and your entire enterprise benefits from more leads and ultimately more sales.

Some manufacturers think that covering part of their dealers’ cost for Houzz advertising is the most that they can do.  Actually that is a very short term solution that ends up costing a lot of money and only helps as long as you are paying Houzz.  Our solutions allow companies to benefit forever without any added cost from Houzz.

You may unique opportunities

We are just scratching the surface here.  If you are interested in leveraging a marketing opportunity for your business such as Houzz or LinkedIn reach us here.

The JPI Process

In many cases our process is very straightforward.

  1. We review the business and identify the marketing opportunities that they are not fully leveraging
  2. We develop a plan which allows them to leverage the opportunity
  3. We help them implement the plan

Often our solution includes tools that we have developed which make the process of implementation easier.  It has to be easy to launch.  We get that.  It also should show measurable results.  That is one of the cool things about what we do.  The results are measurable.

Want to see some results?

We are happy to show you.