Leasing “Near Me” Subdomains (example.nearmeus.com)

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Leasing “Near Me” Subdomains (example.nearmeus.com)

46% of searches with Google have a “local” intent.

The number of searches performed with “near me” has doubled in the last year.

You have seen it.  You have searched on Google for something and seen how they suggest “near me”.

Go to Google.  Type in lawyers.  You will see that they suggest “lawyers near me”.

There are 110,000 searches for “lawyers near me” per month.  If you wanted to pay for PPC ads you would have to pay Google around $24.31 per click.

Now you can have a website that leverages a special domain – nearmeus.com.

We are leasing all subdomains for this great TLD.  No premium names.  We are offering the same pricing for all subdomains.

Someone will get:



These are being offered on a first-come first serve basis!

Simply fill out this form and tell us what subdomains you want.  We will let you know if they are available.

Then, once your lease is signed we will point your subdomain to your desired server.

Pricing Options:

We are currently offering 2 pricing options for all domains!

$450 per month 0r $250 per month for prepaid annual leases ($3,000).

    Please note: all domains are available.  They can only be used for legal purposes.  First-come first-serve.  Pricing is for this current pre-sale and may be subject to change when we go live.