How This Contractor Doubled Their Leads from 2018

How This Contractor Doubled Their Leads from 2018

We signed a new client in late 2018.

It is a contractor located in Florida.

We explained how we use data to improve contractors’ marketing results.  We explained that we felt that we could get them more leads, higher quality leads, completely organically.  We explained that we did not run ads for our clients.

They decided to put their trust in us.

In December of 2018 they told us that as of Jan 1, 2019 they were going to stop running ads.

We completed their new website at the beginning of January.  I remember the owner of the company calling me and telling me that their ads were not running.  So we wrapped the initial web development and launched their new site.  We notified the search engines and submitted the sitemap.  The rest, like they say, is history.

A few months into 2019 the owner contacted me and said that Google was eliminating their advertising account due to inactivity.  He asked me if he needed the account.  I told him that this was the last thing that he needed.

Now for a comparison of 2018 vs 2019 ytd (Jan 1 – June 30):

2018 Summary

They had a website.

The website had a contact form on every page.

They were spending $6k per month on ads.

They generated 194 leads from their “Request a Quote” form.

2019 Summary (Jan 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019)

They have a new highly-optimized website.

The website has strategic calls-to-action throughout the site.  It no longer has a form on every page.

They are spending $0 on ads.

They have generated 414 leads from their “Request a Quote” form (through June 30).

They have more than doubled their leads.

Here’s How we Helped Them Do This:

The main way was by taking a data-driven approach to their marketing.

We built them a JPI Marketing Dashboard.

We analyzed the data and determined the value of their various marketing channels.

We created a new, highly-optimized website that shows up with the search engines for the most important searches for their business.

We included strategic calls-to-action on their website.  We measure everything.  It is important to understand that simply adding a form to every page is not the right approach.

We then applied tactics based on growth hacking experiments that we had run for other clients.  This is key as it allowed us to jumpstart their results without having to experiment on their marketing.

We improved all of their organic exposure online.

Now that they are running on all cylinders, we review the data and look for further improvements.

Because of this organic, data-driven approach they no longer pay for ads.

The number of their leads is going off the charts!

Here is another screenshot from their dashboard.  This one shows how we were able to improve their organic rankings on Houzz.  The result of this has helped them generate more leads.  The trick with Houzz is that you need to dominate your category for the cities that matter to you.  You need to be #1 if you want to generate leads!

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