Houzz Marketing – Paid & Organic

Houzz Marketing – Paid & Organic

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It is one of 6 articles in our series on Enterprise Organic Houzz Marketing.

Houzz.com can be a great place to attract more customers. They have 36M+ monthly active users!

Companies can create a profile and attract people who are interested in their business.

That is, if they can find you.

This is the key to Houzz marketing – Your Exposure on Houzz.

The exposure, for you, is of your profile (directory searches) and your photos (photo searches).

What you need to do is to increase your exposure for both if you expect to be successful in using Houzz for marketing.

When people are searching your category in the directory, for a city near you, you want them to see your profile at the top of the list.

“The chance of someone clicking on your profile decreases the further your profile is from being #1.”

When people are searching photos, while looking for ideas, you want them to find your photos.

So how does one increase their exposure on Houzz?

Oh, and for the sake of this conversation there are ways to increase your exposure on Houzz to people who are not on Houzz. We will discuss that in another article.

When it comes to your exposure there are two types:

Paid Exposure

Houzz has paid advertising programs that provide additional exposure for your profile in directories and for your photos in searches.

Profile Exposure – Houzz displays your profile as “sponsored” in your category and only for cities within the areas that you are paying for.

Photo Exposure – Houzz displays your photos randomly into searches for photos.

You only receive added exposure if you are paying for a region.

You only receive added exposure while you are paying.

Organic Exposure

Organic exposure is the exposure that you receive for your profile and photos based on the “strength” of your profile. There is no cost from Houzz.

Profile Exposure – By strengthening your Houzz profile you can achieve high organic rankings in the Houzz directory within your category and for cities within your “Areas Served”.

Photo Exposure – You can increase the organic exposure of your photos by following our best practices. If you do not optimize your photos you will not receive great exposure.

You receive added exposure based on the strength of your optimized profile. There are no limits on regions. You can dominate directory searches within 50 miles of your location.

You receive increased exposure now and forever with no cost from Houzz.

Paying Houzz is often not enough!

Now let’s dispell a few myths.

Myth: Some companies believe that by paying Houzz that they are maximizing their exposure and that they do not have to do anything to increase their exposure.

Reality: Companies that do not organically optimize their profiles are missing out on incredible exposure. In many categories the only way to be ranked #1 is organically! The paid profile rankings are random and not very good.

Myth: There is nothing that you can do to improve your profile rankings.

Reality: Nothing could be further from the truth. With a strategy designed to improve your organic rankings you can achieve vast improvements! One of our clients has over 100 #1 organic profile rankings for their desired cities.

Myth: Some companies have told us that they do not believe, based on past experience, that they can generate leads and sales from Houzz.

Reality: By maximizing your exposure organically, you can dominate Houzz. People have to be able to find you if you expect to turn them into a lead or sale. Remember our client that has over 100 #1 rankings? They have sold over $1,000,000 in sales from Houzz.

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