Growth Hacking for Construction-Related Companies

Growth Hacking for Construction-Related Companies

What is “Growth Hacking”?

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business.”

How can Growth Hacking be applied to construction-related business?

We have and it can work great.

For construction-related companies there are two important facets:

  • Measurement (data)
  • Experiments


For construction-related companies you have to have a way to track all of your marketing.  What we do for our clients is to create a Google sheet which we use to track the source of all leads and all sales.  This applies to leads from digital marketing as well as traditional marketing.  This data becomes extremely valuable.  Google Analytics also plays a key role in all analysis.

Whenever possible we look to put together actionable data.  We have created a dashboard where we include a client’s current organic rankings.  To make it actionable we include what needs to be done in order to achieve #1 rankings organically.  We also assemble actionable data related to SEO for clients.  This helps us when optimizing their websites.


Your experiments will include various marketing channels as well as various marketing tactics.  We have conducted numerous experiments and have analyzed the results.

Does Growth Hacking help?

Here is some information about one of our Growth Hacking construction clients.

Since 2012 we have helped them increase the effectiveness of their marketing.

growth hacking construction

Key points:

They dominate Houzz.  They are #1 in their category for over 100 cities (organically).

Their website is completely optimized for search engines (organically).

Their website is optimized for local searches(organically).

They eliminated $10k per month advertising spend.

For them 2017, was a record year.  Most number of leads generated in a single year.

How is 2018 shaping up?

YTD 2018 vs. same period in 2017

They have had a 57% increase in the # of leads 

They have had a 183% increase in the # of sales

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