Generating More Construction-Related Leads – Organically

Generating More Construction-Related Leads – Organically

For the majority of construction-related businesses such as builders, architects, kitchen designers, interior designers, etc. the greatest source of new client leads should be coming from your website.  If your website is not your greatest source of leads then you are missing out.

Google Searches

There are 40,000 Google searches per second!  That amounts to 3.5 billion searches per day.  1.2 trillion searches per year!

Most of these searches, though, do not matter to you.

The searches that do matter to you are the ones which could lead to a potential new client.  The most important searches are the ones which include keywords which are searched by people who are looking for a business like yours.  You either show up for these searches – great!  Or you do not show up – $!%#!

The tendency is now for people to search using more keywords.  So rather than simply searching for “architects” they will perform searches more specific to their needs like “architects lake forest”.  You can replace the keyword “architect” with any other keyword like “interior designers” or “landscapers”.  The city that they will use is the city that is important to them.  If they are planning on building in Lake Forest then that is important to them.

Targeting City-Based Searches

We have helped many companies take advantage of these searches by getting their website to rank for these searches.  This is done organically and these rankings are usually in the First Three Results on Google.

No ads.

No ongoing costs.

No limit on number of cities.


Did we mention that this is easy for you?

You simply have to put together a list of the cities that are most important to you.

You can even tell us what keywords you want to show up for like “architects”.

We then set this up on your website.

Then you benefit for ever!

We have clients that we have done this for over 6 years ago and they are dominating these searches.

One of our clients is now saving $10k per month!  Money that they used to spend on ads.  They are even generating more leads now!