Dominate Google Local Searches

Dominate Google Local Searches

Do you dominate relevant local searches on Google?

You should.  You can.

Why do you need to?

Well, the first 3 organic results on Google receive over 60% of the clicks!

dominate Google searchesYou may have noticed that Houzz usually has at least 1 link in the top 3  (So you better be ranked #1 for those searches on Houzz).

If you are ranked #1 on Houzz for the search

Great!  But that is not enough!  You need to dominate the other 2 positions in the top 3 results on Google.  By doing so you will receive 60% of the clicks!  This will translate into more leads for your business.

If you are not ranked #1 on Houzz for the search

Why are you not ranked #1 on Houzz for this search?  You can be organically with no cost from Houzz.  We have a program that helps companies do this.  Learn more here.

You still have an opportunity to dominate the other 2 positions in Google!

Here is an example of a “local search” on Google:

houzz google local search

You can see in this example that a “local search” from Houzz is #1.

You can see that the same company is #2 and #3 with pages from their website listed.

By the way, the same company is #1 for the search on Houzz.

They certainly dominate this “local search”.

You can too!

This doesn’t happen by accident or by being lucky.  It happened for them by us:

  1.  Creating a plan of which cities to target
  2.  Researching the proper keywords related to the most valuable searches for them
  3.  By implementing a plan which created highly-optimized web pages that Google deems as relevant to these searches.

In some of their local searches their web pages are even ahead of Houzz in the Google results (we’ve done this for numerous cities for this client).

Do you want to dominate Local Searches?

Let’s discuss your desire.  It can be a reality and with no cost from Google and no cost from Houzz.

That brings up a great point.  Are you wasting money on Google ads?  The answer is most likely.

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