Data-driven Contractor Marketing

Data-driven Contractor Marketing

We help contractors generate leads and sales.  Contractors, like most businesses, need to generate high quality leads which they can convert to sales.  Our approach in helping contractors is based on data.  It is also based on targeting “local” searches.

Growth Hacking Principals

In order to achieve the best growth contractors need to refine their marketing and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work.

The problem for most contractors is that they do not have the tools in place that allow them to measure their success so they can make improvements in their marketing.

Data is Key for Contractor Marketing Success

All of our clients receive a custom Marketing Dashboard.  Our dashboard includes information about leads & sales, including sources.  We also include information about their website traffic and referral sources.  We measure various data related to their Houzz profile.  In fact, when it comes to Houzz we have developed a way to provide our clients with actionable data that we can use to increase the organic exposure that our clients receive.  We do this by improving their organic profile rankings as well as the organic optimization of their photos.

We use the data from our dashboards and we provide the dashboard to our clients so they have access as well.

This allows us to run various marketing experiments and measure the results including not only improved web traffic, but also how the particular marketing tactics translate into leads and sales.

Example: Custom Home Builder

Here are some examples, from an actual client of ours, who we are helping to generate more leads and sales.


Their target market (cities within a 50-mile radius) includes 24 primary cities.  Prior to working with us their average organic rank was position 210.  Their best rank for any of the 24 cities was #108.  By the way, they are in one of the most competitive markets.

After we created their dashboard we went about improving their organic profile rankings on Houzz.  We knew, and so did our client, what we had to do for each of the 24 cities in order to rank #1.

Here is what they achieved:

  • They improved 4,932 positions cumulatively for the 24 cities
  • Their average profile rank is now #6
  • They have 8 #1 rankings
  • For 18 cities their rank is #5 or less
  • They drastically improved traffic to their website from Houzz
  • They are now generating leads from Houzz


When it comes to the traffic to their website they were receiving very little organic traffic from Google.  They were stuck paying Google for ads because their website was not optimized for searches.

We implemented a plan to optimize their existing website so that it shows up now in Google organically.  Our SEO utilizes the same list of cities that they wanted to target.  We combine these with the most important keywords related to their business, such as “Custom home builders + City”.

It is now working and they have eliminated all Google advertising.

Here is a screenshot from their dashboard which shows how their impressions are improving on Google.

google for contractorsWe have even built a lead management system that allows our client to not only measure the source of their leads but they can make it easier for their salespeople to manage their leads and close sales.  The best part is that all of the lead and sales data is also reflected in your dashboard.  This allows for better forecasting and planning.  Plus it makes it easier for your salespeople to generate real results.

Gone are the days of tracking your leads in an Excel spreadsheet.

Gone are the days of contractors not having a marketing strategy which is data-driven.