Better Local Search Rankings

Better Local Search Rankings

One of the best marketing strategies that we have deployed for clients over the years has been our local search optimization.  It has allowed our clients to have better local search rankings and drive more high-value traffic to their websites.

This strategy has allowed our clients to dominate “local searches”.  Lucky for our clients we do this for them organically.  No ads.  No ongoing costs.

I recently did some research on all of the clients that we deployed this for over the last couple of years and I see that all of the clients that we have done this for have been benefiting from this.  Some as long as for 6 years.

The purpose of this article is not to blow my own horn but rather to make you aware of why you have to have a local search marketing strategy.

Recently I was working on two research projects and when I completed both I had an “aha moment”.

Let me explain my two research projects and what I learned.

Project #1 – New Clients

We recently started working for several new clients.  As part of our initial review of the clients’ websites I noticed that they were not optimized for search engines.  One of the clients even has several locations.  When I saw that their websites were not up to our standards for SEO I wanted to see how they performed for some searches.  Not just any old searches but for the most important searches related to their business.  For example, let’s say that Company A sells widgets (sorry but I do not want to give specifics as we do not want to embarrass our client).  They have locations in City A, City B, and City C.  When you Google “widgets City A” they show up in the search results. Great!  When you Google “widgets City B” nothing.  When you Google “widgets City C” again they do not show up.

When I noticed this I immediately called the client and we have since sent them a proposal to fix this.

Project #2 – Researching Business-Specific Keywords

I looked at many different searches, for many different types of businesses.  I was using Google Trends for this research.

I looked at over 60 different types of businesses.

Do you know what jumped out at me?

It seems that more and more searches involve cities (or locations) included with the business-specific keyword.

Researching “Interior Designers” I found these searches in the top 25:

interior designers los angeles

interior designers dallas

chicago interior designers

interior designers chicago

interior designers atlanta

You must know how your website performs!

Here is a real quick way that you can check.

  1. Figure out your “most important keyword”
  2. Make a list of cities that you want to show up for.  If you have a Houzz profile you can use the cities in your “Areas Served”.
  3. Check Google.  Combine your keyword and your cities.  For example if you are an architect and one of your cities is Lake Forest then Google “architects lake forest” Here is a link to Google (it will open in a new tab).

Don’t be upset if you do not show up.

I am offering a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your “local search marketing strategy”.  No obligation.  It is very important you you understand that you should have a strategy and we can talk about what your strategy should involve.

People who schedule a free call will also receive:

An outline of a “Local Search Marketing Strategy” which has been customized for them.  We will prepare this based on our call and research that we do.

All at no-cost to you.