Does advertising on Houzz work?

Does advertising on Houzz work?

The big question for many companies is whether or not they should advertise on Houzz by participating in the Pro Plus or Service Plus programs.

These programs come with several benefits.  You get more exposure for your profile and photos (but only while you are paying Houzz.

You also have access to a dashboard that shows you data on Impressions and PRofile Views.

You may be asked to participate in the Houzz Exclusive Portfolio Program.  This program also increases exposure for your photos.

Some companies can also use these plans to get exposure in 2 different categories.  You can be organic for one and Pro Plus for the other.

For some companies, those who do not understand the organic results and how to achieve them may feel that advertising on Houzz is their only way to get more exposure.

Simply relying on Houzz advertising will greatly diminish your exposure.

Companies should learn to maximize their organic exposure so that they are not in a pay-to-play situation.

We have developed programs that help companies do just that.  Learn more here.

Did you know that for many categories that the only way to be ranked #1 for a search is organically?

We’ve learned the Houzz search algorithm and we teach you so that you can rank #1 for all of your target markets!  All with no added cost from Houzz.

How our organic approach can benefit your company

We have created all of the resources for companies that allows them to get more exposure for their profile and photos organically (without paying Houzz).

Plus the added exposure is ongoing!  With no additional costs from Houzz.

Increased organic profile exposure.

We understand the Houzz search algorithm so our clients can achieve high organic rankings including position #1.  For most Pro Plus users they cannot achieve #1 as the #1 position is reserved for organic profiles.

Ongoing results not costs.

Because we focus on organic results which does not incur any ongoing cost, you are creating success for your company that will continue to drive results long after we have gone.  Your ongoing success is way more than simply pay-to-play.

Here is an example of how one company achieved incredible organic results by using our Houzz Optimization Program.

advertising on houzz

Organic Local Search Optimization

We have a detailed understanding of the Houzz search algorithm determines which profiles to display to people when they are searching for professionals on Houzz.  We can use this information to help all of your dealers rank high for searches organically for all of their target markets.  They can rank #1 (organically) with no added cost from Houzz.

This table shows how we helped on dealer in less than 1 hour.

Organic Profile ranking optimization generates instant results!

Real, Measurable Results

These drastically improved results helped this dealer drastically improve the exposure of their Houzz profile. These changes generated some massive results that will be ongoing. This was all done organically  with no added cost from Houzz.

This dealer even knows what to do to be ranked #1 for searches in their category for any city.

Lookout competition.  Oh wait, on Houzz they have none.

advertising on houzz